Your Online Information Business – the Shift From 9-5


It’s a massive step, moving from a 9-5 job into freedom.

Of course not everyone is reading this from the point of a career or job change, but I think that what follows serves as a reasonable example of the frame of mind that you might be in, irrespective of what circumstances have brought about a change for you

Freedom is misconstrued, and is actually anything but.

Here’s the thing though, you will be free from the biggest obstacles that hold you back:

Clock-watching as your boring day goes by – too slowly

Your boss, nice a s though they might be, you are still accountable to them, and in as sense, shackled.

Do you have to travel far? What is you commute like? either way it is time taken from your day, and time is the most precious commodity.

You may feel secure, but what job is secure these days?

The thing is that your comfortable job is not comfortable – not really.

Think about this; I think your comfort zone has become uncomfortable. Now, I could be wrong but I say that because if you were fulfilled and comfortable in your role, then you would not, I suspect, have got as far as to be reading this – right?

I’ve been there too.

The opportunity to move on, whether through forced redundancy, voluntary redundancy, factory closure – it doesn’t matter – and regardless of what circumstances have happened to prompt a change in your life, you must grasp the nettle with both hands and resolve that now is the time for your change.

There are things that you will have become acclimatized to, and if you have been working in a factory or office type environment, it can often be a lonely experience to detach and to re-frame your mind set.

You no longer have the safety net of “guaranteed” cash at the end of every month, but no one has in reality. You keep on repeating the things that bring income in for you, and you will no longer feel the need to rely on a boss. Generating independent income is a fabulous feeling.

For everything you might miss, there’s an upside to building an Online Information Business of your own, and you can do it wherever you like. You will develop new networks of people, friends, in different circumstances and one of the best ways to move forward is to keep yourself busy doing exactly that kind of thing.

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