Your Online Information Business – The Pros and Cons of $7 Offers


The Pros and Cons of $7 Offers

I have written about the pros and cons of investing in $7 offers; they’re usually the kind of products that are promoted through the Warrior Forum, and marketers mailing lists.

And they do have their pros and cons.

Historically, the cons are that for an investment of $7 you should never seriously expect to be able to build a serious online business for the information you should sensibly expect to be able to find in something that is priced in the region of only $7.

Im fairness it is usually the beginner market that this applies to; with greatest of respect (we were all the once), it is exactly that demographic at which these products are targeted.

Here’s the thing – There are very high chances of these products being abandoned because

1. The buyer cannot figure out how to apply much of the information contained

2) People are , by Human nature lazy, and we all tend by default to take the rout of least resistance. So we are not disciplined enough to see something through start-to-finish.

Hence refund rates are low, because the product creators know that the overwhelming majority of “newbies” will be chasing more “shiny objects” elsewhere (even from the same creator), forget where and when they purchased, think “oh well “it was only $7” and go to invest another $7 in the next shiny object.

The result? They never get around to asking for a refund because they’re too busy chasing those other shiny objects. Product creators know this because many of them have trodden the same path, and the ones that offer genuine $7 products are wise people who are knowledgeable of the workings of the market, because they do diligent research.

One the other hand, to experienced marketers, these products are gemstones because they had the discipline to follow through with a couple of shiny objects early in their careers, put them into practice and accrued some wealth.

The result?

The experts have plenty of capital to invest in outsourcing other $7 products they buy and have other people “employed” doing the work for them, and not only that but they invest in additional outsourcing that concentrates on finding hidden gems in the marketplace.

All this takes time to learn and build, but it is time that’s going to go by anyway, so why not spend it focusing on just one thing, focus on mastering it to the point where its bringing in some consistent income for you, then you will naturally be operating like the experts too. Thing is, if you act like this you won’t even need to push yourself onto your niche – they will find you and that’s the point you’ll be seen as a n expert and in a position to do that outsourcing.

Does this sound like a sensible, more workable, long-term plan to you?

Does it seem like the proper, more efficient way to build a business?

It sure does to me.

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