Your Online Information Business – Don’t tell, ask; don’t sell, buy!


Think of a great idea, convert it into a stunning product and unleash it to the market…

Go and sell it!

Actually no.

Small problem… it doesn’t work like that… not any more (even if it ever used to).

Why not?

Here’s why…

When I’m saying that you should buy, I mean so in a wholly different context – than buying per se. Most of us view buying as “parting with money” in some way, shape, or form.

I’m going to suggest you re-think and look a buying in terms of investing or making an investment.

Before you can expect someone to invest in you, or buy from you, first you have to make an investment in them.

So how would you do that without using money, without a cash-related transaction? You need to do it by first imparting something of value to them for free, something unique that they cannot find anywhere else. You need to offer your potential prospects something valuable. This evolves into a process that facilitates you being able to build a relationship with them so that you can dig into the things that are holding them back from getting where they want to be.

The more you can nurture and develop the way you communicate your help, the more your prospects will come to being willing to begin to invest their trust in you – as someone who can help them make improvements in reaching their goals, irrespective of what their goals are within the niche you both occupy. They become willing to invest in your deeper levels of help… financially. Why? Because you will have shown and demonstrated, by offering valuable information, that you are an expert in whom they can invest money.

So just exactly what kind of information am I talking about? I’m in the online “information business” which means that what I offer information to my prospect in the form of digitally downloadable “products”.

The products I’m talking about here are of a specific type, known as information products. They contain information and are usually in the format of PDF documents, MP£ recordings, or MP4 video. All these things can be uploaded from my side, for instant access by my clients. Think in terms of buying a book, a book that shows you how to do something. Taking a text book is a prime, if not rather dull example, so think instead, of a book that instructs you how to take stunning photographs, and this is the kind of thing I mean.

So why not just go off and read a book from Amazon for just a few dollars?

Here’s the thing… It is all down to communications and methods of communicating.

It is how you communicate, not with what you use to communicate…

The information age has brought us hardware like a PCs, laptops, iPads or Smart phones, and software programs like social media – twitter/Facebook – for example. These tools can and do play their part, but only when used in the right context. I would definitely say that for business marketing purposes they have a place, but again only when used with respect to the desires and needs of what your target market wants; if they use a social media platform, that suggests you can too, but if they don’t use Facebook, you’ll be wasting your time with, so there’s no point.

It is about formulating your communications to first reach, then build a trust-based relationship with your target market or niche. This has to happen before you can begin to think about anyone buying into your expertise. The market today is so much wiser, and more sophisticated, therefore it is unlikely you will get customers, or repeat customers by simply trying to marketing your products immediately, rather than opening and using much more personal channels of communicate.

It is vital think in terms of building a rapport with someone whom you hope will be interested in what you can offer them. Would you buy from someone you didn’t know… didn’t trust, or have a good reputation?

I think you get what I’m trying to put across here?

A book can only offer one means of communication, and one-way, at that, which I think is rather linear or two dimensional.

What are your chances of meeting with, or even talking to, the Author or Authors?

Very little probably.

What the information age has given us, is the ability to communicate in three dimensions, and what I’m getting at here, is versatility, the versatility you cannot get from a book, or (in the case of reaching potential prospects) the telephone either.

The means of communication have expanded exponentially since the Internet, an opened a chasm of opportunity, opportunity that presents us with the means to communicate with people in more way than we could have imagined just a few years ago.

To use an email as a method of communication, through the content I put into a carefully structured automatic campaign, I can ask and prompt subscribers to answer pertinent questions about their roadblocks to fulfillment. From their responses I am better positioned, better informed, to answer them personally when we talk.

Where and when do we talk?

Once a week online in a group coaching session, is one way, using Skype or similar. With a group of 20 people all at once, in the comfort of my own home. Through building up the trust factor through my campaign they are happy to invest in my coaching, which in turn is structured in different packages that are tailored to suit the budgets of clients.

I do like to offer free phone consults initially because my coaching will not suit everyone, and there are prospects who, after talking to me, feel they would be better off with another mentor, tutor, or coach. That’s fine because wasting time and/or money wasting is in no-one’s interest, and I wish

What I have just outlined is an extremely succinct version of a process that is simple, but required time, and effort to learn; just like it does any business, on or off line.

– Ian Jackson

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