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If you are down to your last $50 the last thing you should be doing is looking for a career online and an information marketer!

You would be best not to rely on Internet marketing if you are down on your finances – take any job you can and build your business up in your spare time; THAT is the secret all of the big boys and girls used to create their online fortunes. They usually work 18 hour days to achieve their success.

There is however, nothing wrong with, and everything commendable to, having and holding such aspirations and I firmly believe that you should set your sights and objectives accordingly.

Here’s the thing: everyone wants to be – and can become – an expert in their niche, but the law of averages (and wherever other laws abound) usually imply that only the minority will achieve these aspirations.

So, we have to ask ourselves what the basic problem is. I believe it a simple to identify but difficult to solve. Why? Because it is all down to the wrong mind set; and the “I want more money” mind set will fail every time.

The reason for this is that Human nature always seeks the route of least resistance because that is how nature made us whether we like it or not.

So, when it comes down to discipline, and we are not too good at it – we’re a lazy species. I am doubtful that discipline can be taught off the page; I am doubtful that it can be taught unless, unless (and I want to emphasize “at best”), at best, that one is held accountable, and by that I mean accountable to a mentor. I ‘m generalizing but you get my point.

Ultimately having someone to hold you accountable usually implies funds, so when you’re investing in that accountability you have the best chance of moving forward.

The caveat here is that you have to make up your own mind that you will become disciplined when you take and make the decision to be held accountable.  In other words, no amount of accountability, or anything else but YOU can manage your own mind set.

I acknowledge that you have to start somewhere though, and I found books like those by Esther & Jerry Hicks proved invaluable.

If you want to move forward badly enough you will, and you must tell yourself you have the discipline to do what it takes. Sadly I’ll wager that the majority don’t, which is a shame because I want to see you change your World and I hope my words will have helped a bit.

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