You Just Have to Get Over Frustrations


You mind set is not prepared for building your dream. And you are here now because it is your dream is to build an online information business.

On or off line, building a business is weighted with problems and will come with all sorts of frustrations, problems and challenges, and as Humans we are not designed by default to cope with all these things.

But overcome them, one by one, and you will reap the rewards, which are plentiful – they are there for the taking for anyone who has the resilience to reach for them; the market place is not over crowded and thinking it is, is wrong thinking.

It is easy to follow this “wrong thinking” and that is why there are more of what is commonly known as “have nots” than “haves”.

There is actually no difference between the two except for the way the haves use their minds. We are all gifted with the same brain and brain power from birth – so what gives?

I believe that the comparison is flawed; there is no such ting as haves and have nots, except for those who choose to believe there is – a difference.

It is more a comparison of who has the will and determination to fly against the odds, take account and responsibility for their own paths in life, and simply to get one with it.

Again, it is the default character of Humans – we are just a lazy species, or at least that’s what we have become, and mainly due sot our use technology that we have invented to make our lives easier since we have walked the Earth.

We have forgotten what it means to have to fight for what we want, for our rewards, and popular Internet advertising in the Internet marketing and online information business niches bombards us with information that makes us believe we can have something for nothing, we can have success for little input – this is awful and could not be further from the truth

We are all lazy, and we all want the route of least resistance.

It is far easier for us to put off something until we “feel like” doing it; in other owrds that is usually never.

I just want to bring few pint to light for you in this article because there are hundreds of publications that you can read that are specifically to get you out of the mainstream trend of thinking that manifests in 99% of Humans not being able to become one of the so-called “haves”.

That the haves always manage to overcome problems of self-discipline and make things happen only seems possible for the convenience of money. This is not clever thinking because people from deepest poverty rise to become successful beyond many of those “born to be rich”. Furthermore it relies on the other aspect of flawed (Western) thinking that success is always attached to a financial status.

Do you have what it take, or perhaps a mentor could help?

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