Why am I in this business?


Why do I pursue Internet marketing through the framework of an online information business?

Not so sure about what to write about today so I thought I’d just write about my feeling towards this business, and ramble through a few thoughts and ideas.

For the last couple of days I have been struggling with a bug that infected this WP site. Finally put it through Fiverr.com and got on with other things.

Why am I in this business?

Well, once I know how to do something, I get a kick from showing other people how to do it too, and the online platform is an ideal outlet for exactly that process.

It started from the day job I used to have. I would become accomplished at some task or another and then when someone else needed showing how to do the same thing, I would take a pride in showing them how to do it too.

There’s a definite psychology to this and I firmly believe that this is exactly the kind of thing that gives someone a sense of worth.

The passing on of my/your knowledge to someone else and seeing them become successful at that task too… because of something I have taught them, gives a sense of positive feeling quite like no other.

Sure, there are other things in life that give me a good feeling too, and for me it’s the noise of a race engines – I mean real mechanical race engines, not the computer-controlled rubbish that purports to be something it is not.

I’m also digging into a bit of blogging today; something I’ve done very little of to be honest. But I want to add another angle to my business to see how it goes. To be fair I have been having a couple of conversations with a good friend of mine – more about her later – who suggested I wrote one. The interface/site is a bit basic at the moment, but will develop as the days go by; Rome wasn’t built in 5 minutes apparently….

For now, having wasted a good portion of time (or at least too much time) trying to de-bug on my own, I am going to get on with some work I started a couple of days ago on a new product. Actually I’m working on two new products; a membership site, and a 12 week coaching program. I will let you know how they go.

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