Web Pages – The Strength in Numbers


It goes without saying that more web pages is equal to more chance of success.

The problem people have with creating web pages in the online information business is actually creating the content you will need to become a presence.

There are there things you can do to redress this problem, but you must be willing to push yourself in areas where you maybe didn’t think you would ever have to… welcome to the information business.

First you write what you know about you niche, second, you learn more about your niche, and third you write about different aspects of your niche.

1. What do you know about your niche? You should know quite a lot about it if your objective is to build an information business centered around it. If you think long and hard about it, you probably do know a lot about it than you realize, even if you suspect otherwise. And people need to know your knowledge – it’s what they spend hours searching for online and expecting people like you to be able to deliver a brief insight into “route to freedom” for them.

2. You really don’t know enough about your niche to be able to write hundred and thousands of words about it? Then, sorry my friend you are going to have to get to grips with one of the fundamentals of running an online information business of any kind… a big part of your business is all about learning, and some of it will be quite hard learning. Several of the top experts in their online fields began knowing little about their chosen niches – niches in which they have become very successful. They were prepared to work hard learning new material and putting that newly acquired knowledge into practice to that they could furnish their web pages with daily content.

3. There are multiple ways to present a single piece of information. Each piece of content you write has the potential to be reframed and written (or recorded) from a different point of view. Now, you would normally expect another angle would have to come from someone else (another personality), but you too can throw a different light onto something you’ve already written and discussed – why shouldn’t you? I’m not saying you should adopt a different persona, but it’s quite acceptable to look at topics from more than one angle.

The methods should help you to create more web pages and thus multiply your online presence.

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