The Reasons Why Your Content is Failing You.



It would be naïve and stupid to try and pinpoint a single or even a couple of reasons why your content may be failing you but in this article I will discuss three definite possibilities that suggest things may not be happening as they should.

These three reasons are the state of the quality of your information, so anything that leaves you readers feeling flat and uninformed will not work; where are you submitting your work – is there an active market there and does it look like they will be subscribers or buyers – you need to assess whether or not it is a vibrant community; you call to action – are your words powerful and exciting enough?

The reasons are not rocket science and you should be able to easily identify them:


Is your material written or recorded in really top notch quality? This is a question you have to ask yourself. Your content may not be one hundred percent grammatically correct but if it does make sense and does it help people to be able make good decisions your words powerful for, and about how, they are going to move forward with their information businesses you will be ok. It is the glaring errors and poor quality that will deter readers from your business.


Are you positioning yourself in the right place to be seen by the people you want to help?

If you have no people interested in looking for help with their information business, in other words, no one is opting in to your call to action at the end of all your signature links… well it could be as simple as you having not placed your information in the right place.

That suggests you need to re-evaluate where you submitting your information or where you’re answering comment or posts. This is something that will reveal itself through testing and why testing is so important.


Is your call to action strong enough or enticing enough? Does what you’re saying in your signature link or “biography” (as it is called on many websites) follow neatly and concisely through from the information you have written or recorded in the information you have submitted?

Be sure that it does because if it doesn’t make fluid sense, if it is inconstant with the information in your article or video or recording, it will not work

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