The online information business – This Applies to Any Niche


The online information business is about so much more than more than the majority (I think) perceive.

I think that it has got itself in a bit of a niche by virtue of the marketing methods that enshroud it, and the demographic that arguably makes up for most of its membership.

Here’s the thing – you can be a part of, and make, the information business about anything you desire.

Think of a subject, any subject, in any walk of life, and if there are people occupying it, asking questions, then there is a market that required a feed of information, usually in the “how-to” context.

People don’t ask question unless they’re looking for answers and this kind of scenario is all that’s needed to create an online business.

Now, it doesn’t HAVE to be all about money, although by definition it is about creating a business from which you wish earn a living or an income. It has become a cliché, but I too have fallen into adopting the label “multiple income streams”, so when you have built up and nurtured relationships, trusting relationships with the people you attract to your business, they will be happy to invest in your expertise and knowledge.

You may have an interest in one or several things:


You name it, the information business covers it.

And for each reasonably populated niche, there are people who are willing to make an investment in someone who can show them how to improve things, or become better at something in their vocation.

So what does this mean?

This means that the opportunity to create and develop a business in any field is not restricted by material assets, or even finance. If you have or have access to a computer or other such device, and can get an Internet connection, those are all the facilities you need, so you see that it really can be operated from your front room.

I know people who have created business in all kinds of fields because they took the time to understand and invest in learning about how to deliver their knowledge and expertise in the format of “how to” digitally-based information. And when I say digitally based I mean delivered in the following formats:

Word doc
PDF documents
Audio files; MP3 (can still be CD)
Video files; MP4 (can still be DVD)

to name the main generic ways.

It’s a whole new (ok, maybe not so new now) industry that is growing by the day, and presenting more opportunities by the day. There is no such thing as saturation, not at least for the majority of you reading this.

And I say this because although there are crowded markets, crowded niches, every one of us has our own voice, our own way of presenting things, and that means that what one person has said in their voice to a particular demographic, someone else can say the same thing to the same demographic, but in their voice instead. I’m not saying for one moment to copy or plagiarize, but you can certainly re-frame, re-contextualize information.

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