The Missing Element of Creating Content


I have come to the conclusion that there is but one way to become successful online, or at least successful by whatever means you use to measure your success by.

I suspect the majority would measure their success by whatever “freedom” means to them. The problem is with freedom is that here’s usually a price-tag attached.

Success certainly means freedom to me – to live life by my rules, not those of someone else’s.

And I am prepared to make the investment – and the sacrifices.

The mindset of what success means to you suggests you we wish, desire, crave to have, and to own, a profitable online information business. That is what brought you here.

It’s not as easy as the experts make out though, and I think they’re missing one crucial element so profound that frankly it amazes me that no one discusses it.

Maybe they’re overlooking it

Perhaps they’re ignoring it

Could be they’re fearful to divulge (for whatever reason)

None of the experts or gurus seem to want to state what I am about to state, with such brutal clarity. In fairness one or two do, including my mentor, but they’re the exception.

The bottom line is that you need a presence on the Internet.

A lot of it.

But not any old presence, you have to have a presence that fill in gaps. These gaps represent the knowledge that other online users do not have. You need you permeate the Internet that fills in the gaps in people’s knowledge.

There is only one way to do this to become noticed, and there is no substitute or easy way round it – I have come to learn this the hard way, and you will too.

The only way to become noticed is to keep publishing information. Keep uploading content; the more you upload the more chance you have of getting noticed.

It is the only way.

And the point of your content is that not only has to be useful to someone – but it has to be useful to someone in such a meanful way that they will want to read more of your information – on a regular basis.

So your content has to help – has to help someone.

But the only way you can upload helpful content in a way that will get people to see you in by pure scale.

Do you see 3 thing becoming apparent here…

==> Content (lots of it)

==> Useful content

==> Consistently uploaded content.

Think about that for a minute; think scale.

You have to scale-up; it’s about scaling up, or volume.

You cannot get around the fact that unless you have volume online you will not create the success you crave.

I challenge you to study how every expert you can think of, gets noticed. Yes, they create good content, but more than that, they publish such a large volume of content.

Why? Because it is the only way online success will find you, or anyone. The experts and gurus know it and now you know it.

It is about more than just writing a handful of beautifully written pieces, you need to multiply, and that includes repurposing what you create across as many channels as you can.

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