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Exposure for your product is critical if you are to build a good solid business.

Getting a product to market is one of the most fulfilling things an online information business can achieve. A very credible thing to achieve but we should not rest here, but get on with thinking about our marketing strategy.

You own product is one that you can get on with straight away, perhaps by running a separate campaign through a daily email delivery. But alongside this you should be thinking about recruiting other business marketers to your program and get it going in the viral context too.

Here are 3 things you should consider to get your products going for ultimate exposure:


When recruiting for partners, you simply must keep mindful of the one thing that will help you on your way to building profitable online information business… do not forget that first and foremost you are in business to help people. If you fall into the trap of following the “earn more money” point of view, you are going to be disappointed because people will quickly see right through you. Any aspect of your operation should be in exactly the context of helping people.


Before thinking about any marketing tools for the partners you’re going to seek out, do whatever you can within the content of your product itself. If you’re written an e-book, sign up for embed links to affiliate products from other product owners in your niche, but make sure that their content stands as additional help and support for their clients too. Anything that doesn’t hit people as helpful will render your business. Signing up for partner products just because they have a good price tag and look good is the road to nowhere. Act with due diligence and it’s stand you well as your own product goes viral.


There are hundreds, if not thousands of places (websites, blogs), that you can approach and ask the owner about potential opportunities to provide free content for their websites. Webmasters need content, and most of them will be more than will iing (if you approach the, properly) to allow your work to be place prominently on t heir sites; the advantage to you is that you get to embed your signature link with any content you provide – they will understand the this, they understand how it works, so don’t be tempted to be “clever” with them. You must demonstrate that you can provide them with excellent quality otherwise you will just not hear from them.

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