Recruiting Affiliates – The Strength in Numbers


It goes without saying that more affiliates you have working for you the stronger will be you chances of selling more products will naturally lead to building a more powerfully thriving business

So exactly what do you do to put this into practice and create a win-win opportunity for affiliates and yourself?

You need a good product, you need a good set of ready-made marketing tools, and you need to recruit the best affiliates.

Here are those 3 steps fleshed out little to give you more confidence in putting together an affiliate program:


First, you need a product to offer. But how do you get a product that you can offer? There are few way you can do this: the easiest way is to collect a selection of articles together and “write” an e-book, which you can also record into an MP3 tutorial set of 5 minute videos. It’s best if you write say 10 fresh articles of perhaps 400 – 500 words each ( a really good number would be 1000, which you should be able to do with practice), and collate them together in a DPF document or audio/video recording.


What your affiliates will expect, and also to give both them and yourself the best chance of success with your product is to provide a really good set of marketing tools. For your best chances of success you will have to cover the provision across as broad a range of marketing tools than you will be using. Provide keywords, emails, sales pages, banner ads, pop-ups, Pay Per Click, graphics, video, and anything else that will help to maximize your potential.


If you promote your product though Clickbank, after being accepted your product will be available to anyone to promote regardless of their previous sales experience, number of sales, or track record; you will have no idea where your product (and hence reputation) will end up, or what hands it will fall into for what purposes. On one hand it can give you quick, easy, and indiscriminate exposure, while on the other hand, you cannot know who will be signing into your program. However, promoting through somewhere like JVzoo for example, you can use a much more controlled process because it is all done by a vetting process.

There you have three aspects for getting your product to market in terms of maximum exposure value; create a good product that people want to promote, supply it with a good set of marketing tools, and then upload it to an affiliate platform.

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