Recruiting Affiliates – Branding Costing and Exposure



In this article I will present 3 ways you can develop as an affiliate (partner) and product developer/merchant: Let’s take a look at branding and exposure, a steady income, and outsourcing and utilizing different expertise

1. Branding and exposure

On the affiliate side of this equation there are advantages to be gained in term of you association with quality products. Based on that observation I would choose very carefully if you sign up with a product that is promoted though and research the vendor with care and due diligence.

Anyone can sign with so unscrupulous marketers have access too. If you look at JVZoo for example you will see that the process is harder and more of a formal application, which is actually no bad thing. Amazon is also a good place to consider, although be mindful that you will be setting up to promote mainly tangible products, not digital downloads. Have a look at their system anyway.

Similarly for vendors, your brand will go very well virally if you choose people with a good record in partner sales. But do not discount the more inexperienced either; you will remember what it was like to start from zero too – right? The vetting-based websites have processes for all levels of experience; vendor and partner

2. Steady income

You’ll outlay funding in the first place to get your program off the ground – either in financially-related or time-related investment, but once that primary work is done, then you workload keeping your program fed, will reduce.

For the vendor, your job is done as soon as you have created your product. You do need to keep an eye on its progress and support any problems and question that come your way, but you have no marketing to do – unless you feel the desire or need to.

In the main, I tend towards at least a 50/50 split so set my commissions to at least 50% if not 100% because for me it is about list-building and gaining followers. Following an investment for my products, access is by name and email regardless of whether I am promoting though an affiliates type agency website, or my own system.

Some vendors treat this process purely as a sales stream, but I prefer to keep to my principles of a primarily help-based facility.

3. Outsourcing and utilizing different expertise

As an affiliate you can “employ” people to work on parts of your marketing that require expertise or time management that you maybe do not have time for. In a strongest case scenario, you could outsource the whole of you operation – per product. I would suggest that you gain the experience of marketing for yourself fist though because you will need to know the procedure for yourself; only then can you give a complete set of exact instructions when you outsource.

As a product owner, a band of affiliates will give you exposure to places (fresh unchartered channels) you either have not yet discovered and gain from the experience and knowledge of partners who have different skill sets from your own.

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