Online Information Business – Why You are Possibly Not Connecting With Your Readers


Marketing your business has changed, it has moved on.

Much of this change has occurred since the advent of the Internet – this era was bound to bring change to our lives and create a massive impact. The Internet has opened up amazing and exciting opportunities for those who have the focus and dedication to succeed

I’ve just been into a well-known online forum that caters for the Internet marketing community; Internet marketing being the generic and adopted noun for the niche that comprises, amongst other sub-niches, building a business online, and making money online.

I think the latter sub-niche missed the point of business building and online marketing in such a big way, but that’s just my opinion. I have written about my angle and thoughts about making money online (for its own sake) elsewhere online and I discuss it in my coaching and training too.

But back to the pint I mentioned about the thread in the forum I’ve just been to.

The advertiser, contributor, call them what you will, is telling us, the reader that we can create a product in a week if we follow their method.

I have no doubt about the validity of their offer.

What’s more, we’re told that we can have this information for free when you click the button to gain access. That’s fine, no problem at all in this strategy; it is one of the most common and successful strategies used, and adopted by a multitude of business owners and marketers, myself included.

Then, in my opinion, their offer starts to go wrong – badly wrong.

First – It’s almost painful read.

Here’s the thing…offers through forum don’t necessarily warrant any follow ups in the threads, BUT there are usually at least a couple – because more often than not buyers want to get things clarified and/or make a point about something or other.


Because it is human nature.

And I think that what may have turned many potential prospects away are the words…

“Have heaps of money pouring into your bank account 7 days from now”

Do you like that?

Not sure I do.

Do you think anyone likes that?

I cannot say I don’t believe it because it may of course be true – for them.

But I don’t fall for it


Because I don’t believe that their system would work for anyone else but them. The scheme or outline may work , but the devil is in the detail, and everyone’s detail is different.

But as well as that, for me it is the communication that I think is cheesy.

Read it again, how do you feel about that message?

Do you honestly, truly, hand-on-heart, believe that it will happen for you?

In 7 days, from zero?

I don’t think so.

Making an income online that is anything other than a flash in the plan is a marathon not a sprint.

I do not believe it can be done in 7 days, any way that will create a fundamental base for a long term income for you – or me, or anyone else.

If you have been doing the same thing, using the same kind of marketing style and wondering why you cannot gain any traction or traffic, or any of the other multitude of elements that mesh together to create an income online, then maybe you have just had a light bulb moment?

Second –

The marketer has devalued their own product.

No one places any value in products that are valued a only a couple of dollars. If you are looking for an automobile, how good do you think a classy auto would be with a $97 price tag on it?

It’s the psychology of perceived value.

It is the same with marketing products online.

And the one in question does not even have a price… it’s FREE!

And that means one thing in my eyes.

The value is within. Where you get our value is when the vendor and you begin a relationship when you opt-in to become one of their subscribers.

The point I’m aking here is then, twofold:

 Product devaluation
 Cheesy message.

Here’s the thing… if they had put a $7 price tag on it, I for one would have been more interested. Yes, I know that it’s just a cheap gateway to hid subscriber list, but at it shows me that they are not so desperate as to need to give away their feeder information.

It is a “special offer”

And in my opinion they would have been better to put their marketing effort into writing a good, informative article or recording some good content, have it published, and then add their products using an enticing summary paragraph or sentence at the end. Or they could edit the product into a follow-up email; as an email, webpage, or PDF attachment.

And the following threads seem in line with my observation – all none of them.

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