Online Information Business – Why I Think “Newbies” Can Easily Get it Wrong


They are all over the Internet. You’ve been searching for the ultimate way to create your very own Internet Marketing business, and you are probably thinking how many more do I have to try before someone has a formula I can work with.

I know, because I’ve been there too.

You know as well as I do that you will get side-tracked by the next fabulous offer that guarantees to make you wealthy. Almost the whole industry is geared to eat into, and feast on your emotions.

They’re good at it too, undeniably good. I know because I’ve been there too.

It’s the shiny object syndrome.

The best advice I can give you here is to move on from it. Most of these offers will work but the point is that most would be Internet marketers – bona fide home business builders, like yourself perhaps, who get caught like a rabbit in headlights with them. That is not meant to insult your intelligence; I speak from experience, it is all very subtle, very easily done.

Shiny objects are created with good will, it’s just that they never quite give you what you need to stay focused on building your own machine; they only give you the tools to do the job, not the skill sets required to make sufficiently good use of the tools.

Because business building is a psychological skill… and they don’t teach psychology.

Most people never manage to move on from them in terms of making a go of the first one they see, and then buy, before deciding that it doesn’t work. Then the next shiny object comes along and your mind tells you that this one will work better for me instead; that it’s more akin to what you feel comfortable with and before you know it, you’re ten more shiny objects along the path to… yes, more shiny objects.

So what’s happened? Well, the clever marketers who are creating all those shiny objects sure are achieving their objective, which is to make people like you buy them.

And it works, doesn’t it?

Seems like they’re good at communicating, right?

It’s clever, very clever. And there are enough people addicted to the syndrome to keep these marketers making a few bucks for quite a long while. People still chase the gold at the end of the rainbow – don’t they?

But why should you?

Because you want to make money, you want to create some more income for yourself online and you’ve been reading lots of content that suggests that you can make good money right from your computer or laptop.

The problem with that is that you don’t make money by wanting to make money online. You can’t because it’s not as simple as that.

You only bring about the circumstances by which you can earn an income, any income, online, is by being of service to someone; and that means you have to help someone – help someone to do something or be something.

And the better you communicate to your chosen niche audience how you can help
them to achieve their desires online – or otherwise – is through systems that I (or any other mentor you may choose) can show you.

There are no bright shiny objects in such systems, but a lot of hard work that applied correctly can make you the go-to person for the people in your niche.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful… wouldn’t that make you happy?

By careful and diligent application of a properly crafted blueprint you can be the go-to gal or guy that people come to trust as being able to help them

Your mission is to ignore the bright shiny objects, leave them to the others.

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