Online Information Business – Why I disagree with the soft-soap approach.


You may find the content of this article controversial, but I make no apologies…

Society has evolved to the point where there is (or we are led to believe) that too much available too easily for most people, and that includes the ease with which most would-be online entrepreneurs are led to believe in overnight success. I am generalizing, but make my observation based on the number of question posed online on forums, blogs, social media, and so on.

I do not agree with the soft-soap approach to anything, and that includes coaching for online business development – or any other kind of method that helps to educate anyone in any field.

No pain, no gain. And by pain I mean the pain of being told when you get something wrong or misunderstood and you need to work harder or more efficiently to sort it out.

Coaching is a form of education and thanks to poor evolution and the times we live in, to educate someone usually means that somewhere the educator is obliged to conform to some ill-conceived regulation that is strongly biased in favor of the learner (“NVQ” training and assessing in the UK is typical of this).

But conform to what?

Conform to a set of regulations that imply everyone should be treated equally.

The unique thing about being trained and coached on the Internet is that you have greater, limitless in fact, degrees of freedom through which you can work as an individual with your coach or mentor to specifically tailor and/or modify your needs, as you progress, and alter them (if, as, and where necessary) in accordance with your needs and experience as it changes through the course of your program. That you are not bound by traditional, fixed coaching courses means your progress is likely to be much faster anyway.
Here’s the thing – people are created equally, but the caveat is that we all develop and learn at completely different rates, and with different abilities…

So how on Earth can anyone be successfully educated or coached to s set of regulatory parameters?

I do not believe they can, and frankly I do not believe those who set the regulations do either.

This is not to say that I do not believe in treating people disrespectfully; that’s different thing entirely – but so often, “equally” and “respectfully” are confused with one another by both the uninitiated, and those who seek to impose their will.

There is not, nor can be, a one size fits all, which, in my opinion and experience is what many courses teach, by virtue of the fact that they have to adhere to a set of standards or parameters.

The ability and experience of the mentor or coach is ignored with respect to them (the coach) having to adhere to regulation.

I think this is wrong.

I believe in offering a tailor made, specifically customized framework for coaching people, and one that fits in exactly, precisely, with what the coaching client needs, and the only way to discover what they need, is for them to tell you…

And that is discovered through the carefully structured format of one-to-one and/or group coaching sessions. Before they can happen though, it must be understood that before any coaching happens, a marketing strategy need to be considered and put into place to position oneself where the target market is. There is no way out of having to do quit e a lot of work for this because it relies on deep levels of research – just like it does in the off line business world.

Who said a successful online business was easy and quick? Well they are wrong, and unless you can adopt an attitude that is to work for the long terms benefits, you might as well go and play the lottery because the chances of getting rich quickly and playing the lottery are more than similar.

For adopting along terms approach the rewards are there for the taking, but work you will have to, there simply isn’t a soft-soap way of doing this and you will also have to deal with setback and errors because they too are inevitable.

I’m afraid I believe in telling it how it is. It is not an easy world out there and unless you are well-equipped to deal with a lot of strong competition, you will struggle to make any ground. The marketers who peddle their products that offer an easy route to riches are not being honest.

When someone is being coached the hard way, that is to say that when their coach is being pushy, relentless in their pursuit of getting their client to push themselves, solid results will become apparent, and both parties will feel much better for it.

The learner will feel much better because of the feeling they get, in knowing that they pushed towards achieving their results – that it didn’t just get handed to the on a silver plate. They will also have the confidence to be able to “fly on their own”, in the knowledge they are well equipped to deal with the problems they will encounter on the way.

For the coach, it means the satisfaction of a job well done, and in terms of repeat business, they can be confident that their efforts will be discussed widely by each of their coaching clients’ word of mouth. What could be more satisfying?

If you afre someone who is (or was) in rather a hurry to meet what you hope will be your objectives, I hope what I’ve said will have proven a bit of an eye-opener for you. If you can find a mentor of coach that will accommodate your hopes rather than holding you to account for your actions (or lack of) then that is your choice, and the best of luck to you.

But if you are serious about being able to achieve, against the odds, and open to some challenging observations, then I hope this article has got you thinking even if just bit… to prompt a rethink perhaps, if you were anticipating an easy business?

Which way appeals to you… to be handed results on a plate, or have the satisfaction of knowing you worked hard and efficiently to achieve you goals and objectives?

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