Online Information Business – Why An Online Information Business is Different


Your online home business – and the difference between live and remote communication with your subscribers and clients

When you work from home, for most of the time you will have no-one to directly interact with like you do when you have an occupation in the off line world. I’m generalizing, but it’s something I have experienced so figure I am in a reasonably well-placed position to be able to make an observation.

If you are working from home you will be working on your own, or at least in terms of having a “live” bunch of people to talk with… and enjoy some lighthearted banter – all part of chewing over the headaches and problems that are a normal part of working life.

That banter is important too – at least for most people 😉

What I mean is that when you’re running a business from your home office, the only connection you have with anyone else is by a remote means of kind or another.

Wherever you are, every aspect is managed from either your computer or mobile device.

Therefore your mode of communication becomes different from that which is prevalent in a traditional place of work.

You will have interaction with one person, or several people if you operate a live coaching or training service – which if you are not at the moment, you could be in the future; should you ever join in one of mine then you will certainly be interacting with one or more others online.

But apart from the scenario you will be on your own, either creating content, or creating products.

That means you are obliged to attract visitors (potential clients) using only one channel…

i.e. from your digital communication device, rather than from live 1-2-1 contact, in real time with someone.

Business and online experts have considered this predicament important enough to go to great lengths to mimic it, in what is essentially a role-play type scenario by themselves; they would not do it if there was no return on their investment, that is, investing the time to perfect the technique…

Simulating the way you would give advice and/or information in real live mode though.

Right now, you can put your imagination to work and try to see yourself talking in your lounge to a friend and they have posed the question (the title of this article) and you are giving you my answer; your instruction is no different in either scenario, 1-2-1 live, or through online channels.

The only difference is that there is no “dialogue” in the literal sense of the word, so my suggestion is to self-prompt creativity and imagine their responses and questions in your mind.

Try it for yourself; it is a successful method used my most online entrepreneurs.

You can formulate it to become a framework of discussion around which you can clothe whatever you want to say; whatever information you want to tell your reader…

Where you are posting or contributing your “personal advertisement”, your “shop-front” of information, has no relevance, so adapt accordingly depending on the media channel you choose.

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