Online Information Business – What is your focus like?


What is your focus like?

Do you find it easy to concentrate for sufficiently long enough to get the tasks done that you set yourself each day?

Do you set tasks for yourself?

How do you plan your day?

Does your mind wander too easily – does that irritate you?

There are many more questions that I could ask, but the bottom line is, are you getting things done as you want them to be done? And if not why not?

For most of us unless we have a mentor or coach to hold us accountable, each day can very easily just slip by and before you know it, you’re spent hours on Social Media communication but actually achieved very little in moving your business forward.

That’s why 95 percent of aspiring web business hopefuls stay exactly where they are; because they expect things to change when they do not actively create change in themselves, and change in themselves implies doing something to move their business.

I believe there is a bit of A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder) in each and every one of us, to one degree or another. I’m guilty of it and from observing others I see the traits in them too – on and off line. And the best cure for it is, in my own experience, to recognize it.

I believe it has propagated in the World of the Internet and way it has facilitated easy access to almost limitless expanses of information on every topic. It’s addictive and for those who are easily distracted

Once I recognized it I was able to alter things and my ability to concentrate improved. It didn’t happen overnight but I did notice distinct changes and improvements in my ability to I focus on things and started to act in way that helped me to become more accountable to myself, by being accountable to other. Letting yourself down is one thing, but letting someone else down is quite another.

The human mind always takes the route of least resistance and will straight-line anything. The problem with building up a business, on or off line, is theta it’s anything BUT a straight path, so the chances of there being a challenge of some degree at every point is very likely.

We baulk at these difficult point because they usually mean a period of huffing and puffing when we don’t like not being able to understand something… BUT this is where our attitude kicks in, and we can either strong and push through, or weaken, lose (or dismiss) concentration and focus, and become distracted – choose the easier route of least-resistance.

Having someone to hold you accountable for your actions is a big help for these situations, especially if you are investing money for that help; it gives whole new perspective to the accountability factor.

For me it would be far easier for me to spend some time indulging in the latest motor sport or classic car news, even to send in an opinion or contribution… far easier than many other more crucial things that are necessary to build my business! That is not to say I do not enjoy building my business – I do – it is a comparison in terms of the effort factor.

How about you? Where do you think you fit?

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