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There is a chance that you may never work with conventional website design or styling in the context of “html” and the web editor software that was written to create such websites. However, for the purpose of completeness I will be covering html type design in more than one of my articles.

I would not like to think I have not provided you with sufficient choice. Needless to say, the majority vote is probably for WordPress these days because it is a technology that has grown enormously over the last few years and what one can do with it is beyond amazing.

So as a designer of websites, or even if you just want to know enough to build your won simply site, there are a great many templates for you choose from, and although it’s worth paying for a premium one, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a good one for free.

If you do nothing else, make sure that whatever you use, whatever you do with it…

when you’ve finished editing…

Ensure it is excellent quality and design.

I hope you understand that when I mention good design, I mean the whole user experience, not just the look or layout, but the complete functionality of what is essentially the shop from of our business.

Compare the following with what you work o and end up with:

1) Background sounds

Noise, as in sound. Unless you are in a music niche or have some useful instructional things to say to your readers and visitors, don’t be tempted to upload anything that you feel people would like that is not in the context or feel of your site. You wouldn’t believe the number of times I’ve visited websites only to be met with that the owner thinks is a pleasing introductory number by a loud band; not only does it detract from the message you want to get across but believe it or not, it can be offensive too, because it’s they view it as you making an assumption of what they want to experience.

3) Popup windows

There are two types of pop-up windows; those used for advertising, and those used for opt-in forms

There are varying opinions about the use of pop-ups, pop-unders, or in-line forms to appeal to your visitors, and most users will find them extremely irritating and a complete intrusion and so on. However, there are findings to suggest they work and my advice is that I would not use them for advertising, only for incentivized opt-in forms, and when you are ready to use one, the only way to find out for sure and judge their performance is by split testing in conjunction with your autoresponder.

2) Extra large/small text size

There’s quite a strong pull depending on what font you use too. Can you user actually read it? Have you used a font that will support the message you want to get across? Hint: the font you use to convey information in your articles will be different from the fonts you use on your sales pages.

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