Online Information Business – Using Forum Posts to Craft Your Own Content


Finding Material for Improving Your Communication Skills – Using Forum Posts to Craft Your Own Content

I posted on a forum recently about a post I’d read on a friend’s website. It is about content marketing.

What occurred to me is that perhaps some marketers and/or online business owners might be interested in my further thoughts about the process that happens in such a post and how they can benefit the readers and contributors

Over the passage of time, and gaining experience, I have progressed from being concerned to being excited (about how to) create content, whether I write, or record. So I am always on the lookout for ways in which I can develop my skills – skills that I hope will empower my readers to make improvements in their business efforts too. If my content can help one person get from point A to point B, it is a job well done in my view.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that each and every post in a forum, website, directory, or blog, presents us with an ideal opportunity for creating content. People are telling you their problems all over the place.

Some posts present better structures than other, provide more material, and at the risk of stating the obvious, the longer the post, the more meat there is from which to formulate an idea from that content.

It’s not ideal to take and copy them word for word, but each contribution is simply sitting there representing a title – and material – for each sub-topic in your own article or piece of content.

It is dormant content that is simply waiting for you – almost begging you to create it!

Whilst I am not saying copy the content of other people word for word (DO NOT!), what I am saying is that you are free to look at re-engineering each contribution, re-model it, into something that in your opinion could be (maybe even better) written or formulated into something that will appeal to a wider, or specific, audience. That way you are creating something original…

… And if you are like me, will probably grow to become very cynical and sneering of anything that looks like spinning or rewriting software 😉

In other words, challenge yourself…

Ask yourself:

“Can I present this in such a way that it better explain the point (or response) its author is trying to make”?

Or better still, TELL yourself that you CAN!

If you have a multi response thread, can you see that the opportunities here are only limited by your own imagination?

So, do you see what I’m saying? Can you see that there’s a HUGE amount of scope in this method? I have no idea of how many forum posts there are but you’ll never run out of material for content.

There are some posts that develop into quite controversial material, and present ideal content about which you can weigh-in with your own opinion and/or observations, thus providing extra dimension to every thread. Don’t become argumentative, but keep a balanced point of view, and don‘t forget to add your URL to your signature link.

The other thing I like is that you can either ride off someone else’s post – or create your own post, and perhaps relate your post to some content from another author because this is an easy way to trigger responses and opinions.

If you have noticed something, some content, in which you see value and wonder what others might feel about it, do something like this and put out a feeler for their feedback.

I was just about to publish this article and then a thought occurred (perhaps you were already there) but you could also create an ebook from this approach too, either stand-alone using the thread of a single post, or by combining several

– can you see what I mean?

What do you think?

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