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Communication, or conversing, is the single most important skill set on the expert business builders and Internet entrepreneurs would struggle to disagree with me.

I don’t say that to sound arrogant or egotistical, I just see it as a plain fact of business life on or off line and believe it is worth highlighting, indeed emphasizing.

It is said by those professionals and experts I’ve just mentioned that another critical tool, and skill set, is that of building a list of subscribers, a list of people who, through your opt-in box option, are invited to find out some more about you if they so wish.

You will find that a list of subscribers is one of the most incredibly powerful tools for your online business. It is probably the tool to where every other platform where you position yourself, leads.

Communicate or converse well to attract subscribers, then converse well to develop trusting relationships with the people who have subscribed to you; their needs are your business and until you can communicate well enough with them to nurture a trust-based relationship, they will not become you customers.

The plusses are wide ranging ad wide reaching. You can literally tailor your list as you like and furnish it in any way you like, but the trick is to build it in direct alignment with what your subscribers are telling you they are struggling with.

That means that on one hand there is no one size fits all blueprint for the emails you will be sending your list members, because until you start to receive feedback from them you will not know what they need.

However, I understand that you have to begin with something; I did, everyone does. And the best place to source some feeder information for propagating your list is from niche-pertinent blogs, social media, article directories, and forums.

Within those places you will find the latest questions – many of them evergreen anyway – and begin to see what topics contributors are struggling with.

You will have to adopt a generic approach when you start

But that’s not a problem,

Because every successful business, online and off line, begins with the same generic approach to attract its first stream of visitors.

They have to because there is no other way.

The trick is in the research techniques

Searching online to find out where they spend their time…

…the information seekers whom you want to attract.

Because then YOU can position yourself in the same places –

And begin to communicate with them

“Become” them, become one of them.

Be an expert in their presence

Be an expert who offers helpful advice

Your presence will get noticed

Noticed as an expert in your niche who can help them

Use the power of your list email campaign to help them move from point A to point B, and achieve their desires and needs.

You can now see how crucial good communication skills are in this process – right?

Anyone can learn how to communicate well – you too.

It may not be an easy thing to achieve but trust me, it is so worthwhile, and can be the difference between a successful business, and a flop.

What I am about to say is probably going to be controversial, but in my opinion, in the education of today, at ANY level, there is simply not enough emphasis placed on becoming a good communicator.

It may sound arrogant or boastful of me, but I make no apologies, I simply feel that it is my duty to try and change that “lack” in every, and any way I can.

I want YOU to be a better communicator!

As I said, you can be an expert communicator in your niche too, and every channel on and off line is open to good communicator and good communicating.

There are no cons, except to say that if anything, there’s a lot of hard work involved and barriers to overcome – just like in any business, just like in any road to success.

And that is down to you.

Only you know if you have the desire and hunger for success through better communication. Sky is the limit if you do, and through your list is the best way I know to do it.

Don’t hold yourself back – just do it!

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