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How to tell people in you niche about getting traffic for their website.

The art of making your channels of helping others appeal to those whom you specifically want to help is something that requires good communication skills. Your readers will respond exactly how you want them to, if, and only if, you communicate professionally and properly to them.

The first part of positioning your business is about getting your audience interested in what you can offer them – by discussing a relevant topic – and the first thing they will see of you is your initial offering.

Your initial offering might be something exactly like this article, a written explanation about how to acquire a skill set that will help them achieve something they desire – whatever it is. In my case it is about helping people like you to create a successful online business, which usually implies a website platform of some sort

The key thing is to tell them something no one else does, can, or will. And what I mean by that is, many folks will simply divulge enough to whet their reader’s appetite, and no more. This may mean some deep-level research on your part, but as an expert in your subject, research will be an ongoing part of your business development anyway. Every expert spends time researching and learning their area of expertise; you must too.

Anyway, what you need to do is reveal as much about what you want to get across to them as you can, under the circumstances.

The circumstances… what circumstances?

Yes. What I mean by circumstances is the media you’re using to introduce your business, or in other words, what you are reading now is an article in which I’m telling you how to do something, and in an article there is only a limited amount you can get across to someone…

You cannot for example have a two-way dialogue or show them something in a visual context; only in writing.

If you need to get your point across with your voice, or by visuals, then you would have to choose some MP3 or MP4 media.

Tell your audience as much as you can in the context of the media you are using.

In an article you must present an example of what your business can do to help your readers, and present your thoughts, ideas, and information, in as much detail as you can by using the written word – and to a large degree, the time you have available, or think worthy in terms of the number of words or pages warranted; that’s subjective of course.

Now, as I’ve said there’s only so much you can get across using the written word, and that is why I think it equally important to get your words across in the best way you can…

And that means making sure you are properly understood. If I am understood most of the time then that’s a job well done; of course It does go wrong sometimes, as things do in every business, no matter how large or small.

The other reason for everything I’ve explained is very simple: every article you write (or have written for you), has one function – to attract your reader to want to discover more about you, and hence take the opportunity to opt-in.

Here’s the thing… you cannot (nor should) force or make anyone opt-in, it has to be completely up to them, so making your message good… matters.

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