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The intention of this article is to highlight the architecture of your business model – in this case its website and that it plays a vital role in how members of your niche will respond and communicate with you – and you with them.

I am assuming that A) you have expertise and knowledge in your niche,; at least enough to position yourself as an expert, and B) you have the skill set required to create (write or record) content for publishing on your website or that of a third party? If not, you need to learn; I have written information about this process elsewhere.

Be mindful that people come to you for one thing – to make progress.

And the more efficiently and effectively you can communicate with them, the closer you come to building better relationships with readers, prospects, and clients. The closer your relationship, the more you people will trust you, and trust is the route to being able to help them.

It is your responsibility to get them from one place to another and the first tools you need that will make this happen are good presentations of your structure – the structure you will bring to the table that can help them towards their goal.

So don’t get distracted by anything other than the methods or methods – your method and methods – that will help them.

For example, it is very tempting to add third party advertising to your website pages, such as pay per click or Google Adense icons in the sidebars, but these offer opportunities for your visitors to migrate elsewhere, in other words away from your page, and away from your business.

So what should you do?

What should be your priority?

That’s easy…

You need to keep tight and focused objectives.

Avoid clutter, avoid distractions.

What does your website or web page look like at the moment? Seriously, would YOU buy from it, even if not immediately, or save it in your favorites for future reference?

If you can honestly say yes, then there may be a chance that someone else would too. Another way of looking at the same thing is to look at the websites of the experts in your niche whom you most admire and would buy from.

Keep this simple. What I mean by this is that if you look at some of these sites, obviously you are going to see some quite “mature” or well-developed designs. Don’t let expensive templates distract you; all you need to look at are the basics.

In other words

How many different aspects are there on the site; information, advertising, graphics, etc.

Besides the owner, are there contributions from other authors or blog owners?

Is there and advertising?

I’m going to be bold and suggest that if you peel back the template of their website, there will be quite a simple presentation of information, that is perhaps not cluttered with banners or advertising.

I’m generalizing, but top experts will not want their visitors or traffic being distracted by unnecessary clutter.

This should give you peace of mind that you don’t need to go signing up to pay-per-click, Google Adsense, or affiliate accounts all over the place, to make your business work. Those things all work, and again, I discuss them elsewhere.

So what I am saying is that those websites show how you can model or replicate them for yourself in terms of what information they provide, rather than the exact layouts, per se.

What free information are they giving – and in what context?

Whatever it is, you can do the same for your niche or sub niche – and as I noted above, and assuming you have the knowledge to impart in the first place…

And if you don’t?

Get it, find it, research it, learn it…

Just like the “gurus” had to.

Think about it.

They weren’t born with that knowledge – right?

No, they had to learn, just like you have to too.

So now, barring the design or look of their websites, what is the difference between them providing information … and you providing information?

They have a slightly fancier way to present it, but they can’t provide any more of what readers want then you can – well maybe a bit more, but you can learn.

So the main point I am making here is that they have a website that acts to communicate well with those whom they are hoping to attract…

And that translates to web traffic; visitors to their site.

That is why it important to have a slick, smoothly presented, informative website.

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