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Email is a blessing and a curse. If you let untoward, uninvited intrusions into your inbox, it might be that you will not make it online. Fighting intrusions can be a pain, nut if you accept that sometimes you will have your filters challenged, and have the state of mind to be as vigilant as you can be whilst accepting these issues, you’re probably in the category of those who make it online.

On one hand, it is an unwelcome intrusion into your life and is jam packed with people and scammers who are vying for your attention… and more to the point, your hard earned money.

But it is important to recognize that apart from the irritating and intrusive side of it, there is also a side that is one awesome tool that can be literally the most critical tool in your business.

If managed correctly.

And it’s available for around $20 per month.

A specifically, specially designed campaign run through an auto responder management system can, if used and applied properly, be the making of your business.

It’s one of the best, most powerful tools of communication today.

I think that’s rather special.

Email provides a unique and broad base like no other, for you to take your message to a demographic of people who are interested in understanding more from you.

The people who subscribe to your opt-in, then become members of your campaign – or newsletter – are pre-qualified individuals who, by virtue of opting in to your campaign, are willing to receive whatever you can offer them.

And the beauty is that when they get fed up with you, they can simply unsubscribe.

In my opinion such a campaign is unchallenged in terms of its efficiency in the ways it can support your marketing strategy.

The consensus would suggest that a clear, concise, informative website is a good, and arguably must-have platform to have, and I would not disagree with that. However, it isn’t so good if you can attract traffic or visitors and have no mechanism or means to get them back again.

Your website will not be the only one that visitors will have in mind when they’re looking for what they want, and more to the point, yours might only be one that they happen to land on by accident or organic search, and unless you can hit them with something magnificent, they’ll be gone in seconds, never to return.

That means that it is to your advantage if you have a way of positioning yourself right in front of those visitors to say:

“Hi, remember me?”

And the way to do that is by selective positioning, informative content, and an invite to become more familiar with your expertise.

So your email campaign is not used in isolation, it is used in a targeted, specific sense, and only those who are genuinely interested will choose to become subscribers; nothing is cajoled, nothing is forced; nothing is obligatory, compulsory, or coerced…

It is the all the choice of your visitor.

It is not about selling anything to anyone.

It is about a relationship and bonding process that leads to an exchange of commodity.

Educational products from a coach, consultant, trainer, or teacher, delivered in a properly formatted strategy to their client.

The communications required throughout the relationship building process can easily be carefully structured, designed, and presented with an auto responder campaign… in which there is opportunity for questions, answers, surveys, feedback, opinions, marketing, and offers.

In short it facilitates the opportunity to develop a trusting business relationship between coach and client in which there is nothing is assumed or taken for granted.

The advantages of an email campaign can be summarized thus:

• By virtue of an unsubscribe link, everything is in the control of the subscriber, thus contributing to the coach-client trust factor.

• In unsolicited email, more often than not there is no such link

• During the early stages of your business, it allows and provides a means for a direct personal link from client to coach

• Complete editorial capability means versatility for you campaigns.

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