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Do you really believe it is easy to create an income online from $7 products?

I did an experiment recently.

And I wanted to see if anything had changed in the Internet marketing niche, in terms of making money, or less crudely, making an income online.

My conclusion is balanced:

On one hand it can be very easy to be drawn into the mind set of being able to make tons of money in a few simple steps. That’s what more than a few marketers will have you believe… and they’re good at it. You buy into their systems – right?

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good place with a good reputation, but I looked at a couple of Warrior Special Offers (aka “WSO’s”) on the Warrior forum (Google it if you don’t know about it) that one sees. Many of those offers are promoted at around the $7 range, and people think they’re going to get a complete business blueprint in exchange for such a minimal outlay.

Come on…. really?

Well it’ IS true sometimes.

No doubt, some of them are good, very good, but most offer the bare bones, and act more as a feeder into their main business; which is quite legitimate practice, and fair enough. It’s all part of the marketing business and can be very lucrative.

Although the two WSO’s I bought were very different in character (one affiliate-based, the other one not), they seemed simple and straightforward to set up – however, there were still problems and difficulties – that took time to rectify.

I got problems and difficulties with technical issues and third-party software programs. Often there’d be a warning flag up, but with no explanation.

The back bone of my business is coaching through informing and facilitating, but occasionally I do wander off the path a bit, to see if there anything worth a bit of a punt; it’s a variation on the “multiple income streams” model, and as I said above, occasionally there is a gem.

But on the whole, do I think it is worth the extra effort and time involved?

Maybe not.

Not unless you’re not full time in online business/marketing.

Because sorting out techy problems can be tedious and time consuming, and I think you time would be better spent creating something that can be 100% controlled by you. By third party software programs I do not mean the software you will have to use, like auto responder systems, domain name registration, and web hosting platforms.

What I am highlighting is only my opinion and I cannot nor would not attempt to sway you one way or the other.

The point I’m making, and in my experience, it is a far better use of you time, to focus on building and developing your online business first, and look at bolt-on attractions later – if they still appeal to you. Perhaps even run them as separate outsourced programs.

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