The Online Information Business – Are You Ready For Plenty of Hard (But Exciting) Work?


Honestly, you can spend all your time chancing, looking through forums, websites, blogs, social media, and read all sorts of things from all sorts of people about how to cash-in on the phenomena that is known as Internet marketing – or one of its several derivatives.

Here’s the thing though… get this, you will not do anything to bring in a cent unless you are prepared for copious amounts of hard work, and work hard at whatever you choose to do.

Does that sound a bit like the real World?

That’s because it is, and the longer you spend deluding yourself that it is otherwise (i.e. easy, plain sailing, straightforward etc.), the longer you will spend chasing those elusive dollars that every salesman and saleswoman (sorry no Political Correctness here, just honesty and politeness) on the planet is telling you can have with hardly any effort.

That’s rubbish – they know it, and you know it.

I have 3 criteria

1) Work hard

2) Work harder

3) Work hard in a niche that is popular, because if it is popular it means that there are people in it who are looking for the help that you can give to them.

Don’t waste time trying to become a big name in “exclusive” sparsely populated niches that appear untapped, and un-served. The reason why they’re usually exclusive and with the illusion of “plenty of opportunity” because no-one has found them yet, is because more often than not it’s because there is no interest, and no opportunity.

Seriously, ask yourself why the Big Name marketers are not already occupying them.

So, choose a niche that has plenty of activity, and be clever with your positioning, and by positioning I mean what you can bring to the table that is different from everyone else, but it’s usually the implication of having to work hard that puts off the majority!

You can make a good impression in any niche you choose IF you decide you are willing to learn, discover, take action, and work.

Everyone has something unique to bring to that table because we – each and every one of us is unique – are there two identical people of Earth? Exactly, of course not, so that means we all have a unique message and format of knowledge we can impart to someone else. That is who I don’t subscribe to the “saturated” niche marketing ploy, which is usually peddled by those who have an “alternative niches” product they want to sell you.

That’s it in a nut shell; no bells, no whistles… just hard work, direction, and focus will get you where you want to be.

Are YOU ready for plenty of hard (but exciting) work?

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