Online Information Business – Know Yourself and Be Confident With Yourself


Before you start communications with the people online whom you hope will become your prospects, and at every stage of your contact and exchange with them thereafter, you first need to open a channel of communication with yourself.

For most online marketers and would-be creators of Internet businesses, communication is one of the biggest single factors than stop people in their tracks – because they do not have the skills to communicate or at least communicate properly.

And often the second biggest factor is that they are not confident of being able to communicate properly. This is usually down to a problem of confidence, and can be learned. Even if you think you cannot construct a message in written or verbal context, the good news is that you can learn, which may take time, but that’s ok; there’s a LOT you will have to learn about achieving a successful business online it that’s what you TRULY want, so believe me you can and will get better.

This amounts to keeping a positive mindset, and if you don’t have one, to develop and cultivate one.

Discipline, focus and self-belief are paramount in any business venture, and no less so online. Probably more so actually, because even if you have a mentor (and I urge you to employ one, a good one) you will primarily be working on your own most of, if not all of the time.

A will-do, can-do attitude is essential and the ability and strength of character to tell yourself that you CAN communicate well.

It is quite normal to feel that you simply just don’t seem to have anything to communicate to your readers, prospects, or clients, even if you’ve been established for a while. This state of mind is more acute if your venture is new or you’ve just recently begun.

Here’s the thing: you must realize that unless you are extremely lucky or fortunate (in which case it will all fall straight onto a plate for you), creating a business online is going to be tough and you are going to be challenged in many ways; creating and devising content is just one of them.

Most “Internet marketers” find they are good at just one, or a couple of things. Some find they are just good at the technical side such as creating websites, some are better at copywriting but lack technical skills. You will find your zone, and where you’re lacking, well you just have to dig in and learn. It is highly probable that it will challenge your mind set – building a business is about psychology to – because it usually warrants a shift change of attitude as alluded to above. It’s quite normal that you have to adopt fresh habits, let go of old ones and adopt new ones.

As you begin to bring potential prospects into your business, the relationship process will automatically prompt you into providing information to them and creating structured programs of tutelage. You will find that you need to discuss many and various aspects of their niche with them, and your creative juices liven up as they feed back to you those issues that they are struggling with… they will be providing you with information from which you can create a structured framework of information to pass onto them through your own niche coaching efforts.

You know, sometimes, I sit and ponder “what on Earth can I give to my prospects today that will be of benefit to them?” I can sit for several long moments in a thought coma about this, and if it happens I have to bring myself around to thinking, no, believing, that I have plenty that I can tell them today. Then I just sit at my laptop and type my thoughts.

If you tell yourself you can’t find information to help unblock the problems and road blocks of your audience, then my friend, it’s highly likely that that’s exactly what will happen for you – you never will be able to.

So it’s vital to adjust to a positive mindset.

Yes, I know it’s a cliché, but it’s used so much, for a very good reason… it’s true, and it works.

Dig in, dig deep.

It took me ages and heaps of discipline to figure out how get a website up and running; domain name registration, webhost, auto responder, forum participation, blogging intricacies, and that was just the technical side, never mind the whole plethora of marketing – organic, or non-organic? It’s quite a minefield, and one that grows daily.

You need to be aware, very aware, that you will have many problems to solve and will need much mental stamina to cope with them; persistence is vital.

There’s a lot to choose from, but I believe that is to our advantage as business builders; The trick is to keep that positive attitude.

Try and recognize when you slip into negativity, and regardless of results, bring yourself back to positive, can-do thoughts. Eventually you will witness good results but it usually takes earnest practice. Most, if not all professionals and experts in every walk of life go through this process constantly

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