Online Information Business – How to Write Articles Easily.


Just sit at your computer and start writing – or rather typing. Yes, it really is as easy as that, just to get going.

Don’t get hung up about what you write to begin with because it is only the process of writing that I want to you to be concerned with at the moment, don’t even think about writing anything that will be close to publishable quality.

For the moment it is about getting words onto a clean sheet of paper – or screen – in word processor terms.

Just like learning to drive a car… you do not need to have a definite destination to go to, you just get used to driving around anywhere just to get a feel for how to make the car move.

Same with article writing, just get your fingers comfortable with the process of tying words onto the page – or word processor.

You could if you like, write a summary of what you did yesterday, or describe the last holiday you had. What did you do last weekend? What are you doing this weekend?

Write a few thousand words using all of the above examples. Speed…? Comes with experience, and if you want to speed-up  a little faster, there are plenty of online course you can look at.

Then, move onto simply copying articles online – you can use published ones because you’re not going to publish anything yourself yet so you have freedom without limits to practice writing actual articles. you could even get dome free “PLR” articles (search Google for some) that are written for online information business owners like us in this niche.

Write them out word for word; this will give you practice in writing for your niche. I used to do this… I must have written a couple of hundred, and then began to re-write them into my own words.

Going through the process this way is about going through a gradual transitional phase and as you do more, the more you will learn, and the more you will feel comfortable. When I say gradual, you can of course go through it a s fast as you can or as fast as you feel comfortable with … the point is that you set your own limits.

Without even realizing it, I found I loved the process; it gave me a feeling orf progression, especially those moments where I actually remembered I was doing it to build my own online information business. Yes, I got so carried away sometimes that I completely forgot!

It’s easy to get hung up about writing down the right words and trying to run before you can walk, but hopefully you can see from what I’ve juts described that it can be such an easy process, if only you allow it to be.

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