Online Information Business – How the Time factor and Patience Play Their Part


One year as a percentage of your life

One yes goes by so quickly

Why are you so worried about having to be patient and wait a whole year – or more – for your business to become profitable?

Reflect back on how fast the last year has gone and what you have (or Have not) achieved.

Now put that into perspective. What if you start now, this minute? How far do you think you would get even on a part time basis for a committed couple of hours a day, every day?

Think about that.

You could put around 15 hours a week into building something that could help you to create that freedom you crave. That’s just a couple of hours a day, maybe more at weekends. Obviously there are things to consider such as family commitments and so on, but seriously… could you really not find 10-15 hours a week? I believe that if your craving is that strong, you will find time.

It’s about habit-forming, and if you need to know more about that go to Amazon and invest in some books – you can research more information than you can handle for not more than a few dollars.

And the thing is that when you do commit to this structure, when you commit to new habit forming actions, you will surprise yourself about what you can achieve. I know because it’s happened to me, and I’m still working on it – and there’s always room for improvement.

If you can learn and adopt new habits the only person stopping your progress will be yourself and you will find out – or should find out – that the time factor that was so much your focus before, takes a back seat and become irrelevant. If you put in the work, first to adopt new habits, and then to drive your aspirations forward instead of worrying about beating the clock and stop clock-watching you will be amazed at the differences that will occur.

I know that you may have financial concerns for many people, and the mindset of “lack” (of money) is one that’s hard to fight. This prompts the fight against time too and that your natural state of mind is that you don’t have the freedom to create a long-term plan… you need it NOW! The problem is that this approach is always a short-term fix, it’s an illusion.

There is an illusion that is implanted into the minds of most people who are struggling to juggle their financial situations – maybe through overspending, maybe not. This illusion is that you need a quick fix, a very quick fix to keep from those troubles.

Here’s the thing… believe it or not “Get Rich Quickly” schemes are not the answer, but it is usually hard to convince people otherwise. The reason is that any other method than a “rich” scheme implies hard work and humans are not programmed to be comfortable with hard work, so they go for the APPARENT route of least resistance. Then, minus several hundreds or thousands of dollars later realize their error.

But then it’s too late.

Your state of mind, and your approach are far more valuable tools to you than these schemes, and I’ll tell you why: because you have control over you mind.

If you can control your thinking you can control, and not be afraid of… time.

Just imagine, how would it make you feel, to have more time to create brand new products, reach out to find new prospects who need your products, develop interesting new client relationships by helping people – sounds good right?

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