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One of the most difficult things to deal with, for people like us is getting our heads around content delivery in terms of volume, and by that I mean that it’s potentially easy enough to come up with an idea that we’d like to communicate to our readers and prospects, but delivering it in a way that amounts to more than a single sentence or single paragraph of information.

How do you write or present any content that will deliver to someone what you want to say?

It’s not easy to begin with, and it may pay to invest in some extra tutelage to get going with acquiring some additional skill sets.

In my opinion coaching can provide the personal and specific training that is simply not possible to get from the one-way context of communication that is provided though writing or recording content.

However, you need to – everyone needs to – start somewhere.

And because that starting point is, for example, what you are reading now, and presented in written context, being able to write down the information you have is quite a key skill.

It’s similar for delivery using recorded content – verbally or visually.

The amount you create is a matter of much debate, but popular feedback seems to suggest that more is better.

Now, you could for example write a 2000 word article and say nothing, or you could write 250 words and provide a gem of an article that will inspire thousands of people in you niche.

Obviously if you can write a 2000 word piece that provides a gem then you’re covered.

This is such a plethora of opportunity for debate that there are no specific answers and the only way you will really get a grip of how to contribute is to just “do”.

Make the mistakes and learn from them.

One thing I would say is that when you are contributing to third party sites like article directories or blogs; do read their rules, terms, and conditions, so that at least you have a fighting chance playing the game correctly.

And the caveat to this is you may find third party sites like longer-length articles for the simple reason that they can fill empty space much more easily.

The learning process is similar to riding a bicycle; a simple analogy, but it’s true.

For new marketers it is easy to fall into the trap of “spinning” Private Label Rights content, but this is not an advised path and I would only suggest rewriting 100%. You can of course use PLR to practice your writing skills too.

When I say rewriting it 100%, I don’t mean just swapping a few words around and calling it your own.

When you use “PLR” you should also be using it for research and context, which is an excellent approach. It’s just so easy to follow the spinner option and think you’ve created something original; but search engines are cleverer than that.

Some marketers earn fortunes by selling “article spinning” software that rewrites in all sorts of ways; a couple of clicks of you mouse and it’s all done or “spun” for you.

Ignore them, leave them, because they cannot spin to include YOUR personality.

The way this material should be used is for subject context and not rewording… there is a difference between REWRITING and REWORDING.

There are arguments and debates are all over the Internet about it but my opinion is that rewriting is fine but rewording is NOT because sooner or later the search engines will penalize you.

The best “article spinner” is your brain.

To create content of reasonable length, get into an idea first. It can be a horrible task, but there’s no substitute for researching your topic; think quality and originality, not quantity.

When you have an idea – just a single sentence or word will be perfectly fine, it is highly unlikely that you cannot find masses of information about it already published.

This is to your advantage, not detriment. Consider the content what you find, and what you read, and then analyze what you’re reading and how you could present that information in a completely different way. That is the art of good rewriting.

There’s no substitute for originality, and the SE’s will give you credit for that. Remember too that your business is unique and your aim is surely to create content that will reflect that purpose, so everything you create should be from your head and heart, no-one else’s.

Keep practicing because that is the only way to get and keep experience. I still practice and I’ve been writing for a while now – I still get rusty though if I write nothing for week.

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