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Don’t be in too much of a hurry initially to register a domain name, or as I shall refer to it for the purpose of this article, a TLD (top level domain).

You need to give a bit of forethought first. What I mean is – exactly what job do you want your domain name to do for you? What is its purpose, and how (if possible at this early stage) is what you are going to attach it to (i.e. your website) going to develop?

I hope you can see that even from my short introduction that it’s wise not to dive head first into grabbing the first domain that appears to shout out to you.

There are many more similar questions you need to ask yourself, here are a few:

How much can you spend? Buying a domain name is one of the cheaper building blocks for you Online Information Business. And an even more economical way to go is to buy as many associated and/or relevant key phrases as you can and get a discount for a bulk purchase.

Map out a list of all potential alternatives that could perhaps be a good fit for your business and where you feel you might like to take it. Don’t hurry this exercise, get it right, or at least to the point where it’s not going to take too much tinkering with.

That done you can go to, or one of the other providers and see what’s available; they will each crawl the web and quickly display whether or not the pones you’ve chosen are (or not) available)

The good old “.com” is always a first choice, followed by .net and .org. But these days new variations are coming along all the time and the most important this is your keyword viability than the “dot” suffix. Either way, as long as it works for you and your business aspirations, then go with your instincts.

Keyword competition is fierce but while advising against it because of your chances of success, you could try and secure a domain that’s only one word; THE keyword for your niche. Type it into the search box and then have a play around adding on another relevant word to contextualize it – add the additional word at either end just to see what happens. If one option works, then you have nugget!

Another group places not to overlook are domain auction sites. You may need a little patience but there’s a lot going on in them, and some good TLDs come up for sale. Check out the stats for ones that appeal to you:

• Traffic
• Active buyers
• Monthly visits
• Links

for example.

If they look good and are within your budget, they could be worth you investment.

A word of advice, if you buy a TLD in this way, make sure you do get the complete website too; with some you many not, so it’s something to be aware of.

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