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Occasionally your patience with finding the right domain name for your online information business can be challenged; such is the growing nature of the Internet. Your patience may be challenged because if you’re looking at building something in a popular market (and any market that has an active, buying population, will be popular) there will more than just you looking for the right TLD to suit their marketing strategy…an yes, you are one of those looking. Fortunately for us there is a piece of software that can generate TLDS for us.

This piece of software works in there ways: it gives random listings, input keywords, and the suggestions given by us (you)

A random listing generator gives exactly what is says it does, and gives you randomly selected listings base on the keyword or keywords you type into their search box; in terms of what you to actually generate a domain name will be self-explanatory when you’re on the site; sites like these:

Lean Domain Search
Name Mesh

These were all available at the time of writing this article, but Google and other search engines will reveal what’s available anyway.

Next, let’s take a quick look those TLD generators that find a TLD for you based on what you type into their search word criteria based on what the objective of your website is. Similarly to above, the generator will return relevant and available TLDs comprising that keyword. Input more than one keyword, and the result will be a selection of TLDs based on based on exactly that.

What about the Human input variety? As you would perhaps expect it is a service based on what is found by a Human, rather than a software program. Because of its nature is a pay-for service, simply because someone is physically search for suitable TLDs for you, so you’re paying for their effort and time.

There are pros and cons to using each, and it may depend on our exact requirements… and budget.

Here’s another angle: I think they’re also good as a way of generating ideas too, and there’s no limit (if you’re using the free software version of this service) to how long you can play around hunting for ideas.

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