Online Information Business – Do You Really Believe That Success Looks Like $7 ?


Do You Really Believe That Success Looks Like $7 ?

Looking around Internet marketing, you could be forgiven believing that success is all over the place – and a lot of it is available for only $7!

Surely this does not seem to compute with you…? I don’t know you, but I’m going to assume you’re savvy enough to realize that $7 isn’t going to get you very far; maybe just a s far as a taster or introductory product…

Even if you are a complete “newbie”.

Achieving success, and by that I mean any improvement that you’re looking for, will mean a more substantial investment.

People new or recent to the Internet marketing niche (making money or any other niche) are drawn in by cheap promises all the time, but at the point of their introduction and exploratory searches, become so duped by so-called opportunities of rapid success that they become blind to the fact that creating something of value online is no easier than off line…

Ask yourself… Why would it or should it be any easier to build a business or a structured product delivery of some kind, online? Why would it be easier than trying to set up a company or shop in your local High Street or shopping mall?

It’s not.

I hope you understand that?

If you don’t understand what I am saying and if you are struggling with this basic fact, you are probably going to have a really hard time creating any kind of success with an operation run from your computer.

Building success online may have more opportunity, convenience, and many more research tools that are more easily available, but the stark reality is that it requires just as much effort, blood, sweat, and tears, as it does to create something off line.

If you understand that much, you are in with a chance.

But the next thing to understand is that it will require your investment.

And the better you become at your venture, the more you will be investing.

You investment will comprise two components; your time, and your cash.

Accepting this is probably the hardest part, but also one of the best, because when you do “get it” you can move on, not trying to over think everything and begin to get some structure into panning a way forward.

When you can achieve this mode of thought, you should – critically – plan how and what you are going to communicate to whom, and then go forward to communicate to best effect with the people you hope to attract.

Mindset has a lot to do with this; being positive at every road-block is vital – challenging but vital. Accept that you will have tough and frustrating times because that’s the deal.

However… since I published this I have written more about this topic and you can read about it here:The pros and cons of $7 offers

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