Online Information Business – Distraction is your enemy


I cannot emphasize how much of an enemy you have is you get distracted.

Distraction can, and has the capability to destroy your business.

So how can you get rid of this “disease” as I call it.

I will give you some tips and hints, some of my thoughts on this issue – the ones that have helped me in my time building an online business – and I know how hard it can be.

Here’s the thing… building a business online (or off line) is crazy tough, and because it is like that, it is not for everyone.

But people think they can overcome shortcomings.

I thought I could. And believe me the sacrifices have been enormous – even gut wrenching.

Some of it is laziness, sometimes not. Sometimes it is the stone-cold fear of letting go of something dear to you. Dear to you in the context of it being your comfort zone. But when you look at what that thing is from an objective point of view – is it REALLY that important to you?

I mean that as a challenge – because that is exactly what being stuck in my comfort zone was to me. Sometimes I still get in a lazy comfort zone, and have to act to remove myself from it to move on.

You are reading this online now, and being online is a problem in itself – if you abuse the ease of accessing superfluous information.

Information and websites all over the place; they are what take over your time – and your mind.

As soon as something gets tough after a few minutes, you probably take 5 or 10 minutes to wander off and do some surfing, something easy to give yourself a break for while.

And why not?

You deserve it… right?


That’s exactly what I’m saying.

That means distraction.

You will have to adopt a different mind-set if you want success. Changing your mind set is the currency of success…

Not cash.

Nor money.


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