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I thought I’d reveal some inner thoughts and feeling I have about the manner of creating content for online publication as a platform and gateway for your readers to decide whether or not they would like to learn more from you.

Every time you write an article, don’t just use words to describe the things you want to say, work your words to create a feeling in the minds of your readers too.

What kind of feeling should you create in the mind of your reader?

Create the kind of feelings that will inspire them and lead them towards wanting to know more from, which they do by clicking the link in your signature.

That is the whole point of creating content, the foundation of your online business.

In reality it’s a bit more than that, because you can only create feelings in the mind of your readers is by writing in that context too; by putting feeling into your content from your own mind.

Reaching into the depths of what your readers are looking for is simply impractical without being able to build up a relationship with them through something like an email campaign, so you have to tread an alternative path and appeal to their emotional side instead. By providing content that gives a flavor of what you might be able to do for them is the job you are seeking to achieve with your articles, videos or recordings.

Here’s the thing: You go into an auto showroom or search for a private seller to choose a vehicle that best fits with what you want. There’s no way you can find out everything about how that auto will perform or live up to your hopes and expectations with the amount of knowledge or feel you can get from such a short exposure.

So in this scenario you have to do a best evaluation.

All you can do is arrange a test drive and if you’re lucky you may get to use it for a whole weekend. A test drive will give you a taster and feel for what you can expect, but running it over such a short timescale will never be able to substitute the experience you will get from actually driving and running it for the duration that full ownership would provide.

The sales team, or private owner, will be and should be doing their best to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Granted, they will be trying to sell you that auto, but think about this… in one way or another that is the aim of anyone involved in any transaction you become involved in, for any goods anywhere anytime.

The only difference is one of degree or magnitude.

You too, wish to sell your goods or services

You will be using your content as your shop window.

Now, some people will obviously go about this in a way that is unpleasing, in a way that turn away their prospects.

The skill is to endear people to you so that they want to get to know more about you and how you can help them. So write or record in such a way that does help them!

Appeal to them!

And by crafting your content to give them the feeling that you’ve created a helpful insight, they will feel more inclined to find out more from you, and subscribe.

There is a huge advantage you can provide for them, in comparison with buying an automobile, is that you will have an unsubscribe option in your campaign.

If they decide they dislike you at any time, they are free to unsubscribe…

No huge investment or outlay, and no hard feelings.

Neat huh?

When you supply free information in a way that gives them something of value, what you are doing is promoting yourself and your business; what you are doing whether you realize it or not, is putting up advertising for your business, just in a particular format that perhaps doesn’t look like an advertisement.

But it is.

You are saying “here I am, this is my business, this is what I teach, and by the way, would you like to know some more?” There is absolutely no hard sell, no obligation, and nothing forceful.

If you can create content in this style and is presented in a way that is fresh and interesting, something that kindles their emotions, you are far more likely to appeal than someone who tries to sell to them “straight from the page” without even caring who their prospects are.

That seems to me to be a pleasing way to attract traffic, visitors, readers and potential prospects to my business.

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