Online Information Business – Connecting With People and Understanding What They Want


Connecting with people.

Engaging with people.

Doing those two things properly and doing them well means not just knowing – but understanding – what they want.

So you need to know how are you going to make sure they get it…

…then what and how are you going to monitor their progress. Not just their progress,you’re your own too, as a facilitator, an educator.

It is important to understand your own progress in terms of how you are managing the process of getting your clients from point A to point B.

We’re lucky, the age in which we live today has provided so many tools that were not available only a short while ago.

And with all the tools that the World Wide Web has brought us, that means we have no excuses for poor communication!

I have mentioned elsewhere in other articles that the environment in which we market our businesses, and sell ourselves (also known as positioning), has changed, in spite of not because of, the Internet. I think the most important thing to understand as an online business owner, whether you are a sole business owner or otherwise, is that (generally) you cannot hope to have an idea for a product that you think is revolutionary and expect a queue of willing buyers to purchase it.

It doesn’t work like that anymore because people have developed and buyer psychology has changed. Purchasing decisions are in the power of the buyer now, and when you recognize that, you will have moved into the winner’s circle and an acceptance that you are going to be using the correct approach and methodology to make thing work for yourself.

Accepting that your business will be steered and directed by your readers, subscribers, prospects, and ultimately your clients is a difficult one to begin with, but once you have an understanding of that, you can build a solid workable plan around it, and no one will stop you.

I am not going to cover planning here, as I have done so elsewhere. All I will say is that planning is crucial to moving things along properly in a time-proven manner that works.

It is all about focusing on, and maintaining, the right direction.

So, just how do you go about all these things, and from what starting point?

It all centers on and around communication,

That means that you have to converse with people and being sure that you’re conversing with the right people in the right places; the people who actually want and need to hear what you have to say.

Your business should be set up and structured to give the right information and message to the right people in the right places.

A basic formula is usually:

 Create interesting content
 Position your content in front of your niche
 A strong call to action, with opt-in link.
 Use your auto responder to run an engaging email campaign.
 Nurture trusting relationships with your subscribers
 Create products based on their feedback (i.e they tell you their problems, you sell solutions)
 Build on the theme; market and develop your business.

This is a very simplistic list but what I wanted to do with it was to illustrate the different steps or procedures that form your business as whole. And the point is that for each of these stages there is a different approach, a different angle, to the way you need to converse and communicate with people.

This is why the majority of the “get rich quick” or “make money online overnight” promotions do not and never will work. They fail to converse in a way that creates prosperity and lasting business relationships. Of course there is always an exception to the rule, as there is any walk of life.

The singularly run or very small online businesses usually function within the genre of “Internet marketing”, and this genre is highly populated by “golden” get-rich-quickly opportunities. These opportunities are very sophisticated and most of us have become prey to them in our journey; they may work for one or two individuals (with the odds stacked heavily against them), but they are a risk – are your sure you want to adopt that label – of being the owner of a “get rich quickly” scheme?

Those opportunities are based on hunting for clients, not good communication; be a good communicator, not a hunter in you role as a niche expert.

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