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Many of the problems in both on and off line businesses happen because of poor communications in one way or another.

Often those in senior positions in industry and commerce will not divulge what they know about something because they fear that if they give away their “valuable experience” a subordinate will become learned and thus challenge the position of their senior.

This is commonplace, and you can probably relate well to it?

Senior people who hold staff back from progression is widespread, and usually down to insecurity. They are afraid of being found out for something; these people sometime rule by fear – pathetic!

bout what they, as a “superior” know, then they will become challenged, and this leads them tot fear for their positions.

This is probably going to be controversial to some, but I think this is down to insecure, poor management, or in the case of online business building, poor mentorship or coaching.

It is vital that you communicate everything you can to your readers, in the context of the media in which you are conversing.

By that I mean that depending on what media you are using to engage with your audience, you will be presenting you message in different ways and formats.

For example, in an article like this I am communicating to you in a one-way conversation in a linear style of delivery, and can only give you the information I know in such a way that is maximized by the delivery format – the written word.

I do not k now you, nor cannot get to know you though the written word, and there is only so much I can give to you through the written word too; I will give you as much information I can about my thoughts, feelings, and opinions for the subject of this article, but beyond that is not possible, i.e. a question and answer session by Skype, or teleseminar, would enable us to discover more about you and what’s holding you back; we could discuss overcoming barriers that are holding you back from achieving getting from point A to point B. These things simply cannot be communicated through just the written word – do you agree?

Similarly, if you are trying to present something informative that would benefit from the presence of a 5 minute video mp4, then do so; tell your audience everything you can in your video – don’t hold back.

need a video to express the details to best advantage? The use one!

To have a successful online business it is crucial that you become an expert, so your readers will expect you to deliver what an expert delivers, that is expert knowledge. And to be noticed you have to stand apart from the crowd and not only over deliver but deliver something not found anywhere else.

You should never be afraid of giving away information for free

“But surely I need to keep some of my information for my paid products?” I hear you argue.


And I’ll tell you why no.

Because as a niche expert running your online business, you are there to provide a service that helps clients progress from point A to point B:


Your online business is to train, teach, coach, mentor, and tutor other people in your niche.

So exactly what are you supposed to be paid for, if not providing information?



Educating clients is what you are being paid for, not information.

So that means that everything you get paid for will be in the sense of educating them, although “education” is probably not quite what you expected to read, or how you see yourself! However, it provides a good definition to make my point, and is not far from the truth.

The ways you educate your clients is through programs that include written, audio, and visual tutelage; PDFs, mp3, mp4, and live1-2-1 and group coaching teleseminars or podcasts.

Providing information with skillful communication to you niche audience is method you use when positioning yourself in media and other platforms where they surf. Your initial opportunity to connect is through the information you supply, like I am doing with this article, in such a way that they feel compelled to discover more about you.

That is why excellent communication skills are vital.

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