Online Information Business – Buying a Domain Name The Correct Way


You won’t be able run an Online Home Business without having a domain name, and the best way to move forward is to have you own domain. By that I mean that there are plenty of free services all calling out to your to you take advantage of their free services and supply you with a domain for free, and all you do is sign up and tag-on your unique “identifier” (for want of a better expression) to their common root name.

A great money saver – yes?

Actually, no, it isn’t.

Here’s the thing – you are relying wholly upon a third part to take care of every toing you do, everything you upload and publish online; articles, content, audio, video… it all become their property, and they can do just whenever they like with it; that includes trashing the lot of it – if and when they want to (without any need to give you a reason).

The other aspect running with such a domain name is what it looks like to the market you’re trying to attract; it will look like you are being cheap and trying to short-cut things, and that will look awfully bad when your goal is to set your standard as an expert in your niche. So think professionally, and be professional.

It’s not like domains are expensive; they will set you back only a few dollars… only the price of a coffee probably. I use and they’re pretty good; they have revamped their site recently and it’s the work of a moment to navigate and manage anything to do with your domain.

There’s another angle of getting yourself a proper name and that is this:

Depending on the way your business evolves, you might like to move onto something else and cash in on what you’re achieved. If your Online Home business is a success, and that what your aim should be; you may like to at some point, sell it. So unless you personally own everything you could find yourself with a bit of a problem on your hands.

You see how it makes perfect sense to become sole owner of everything that’s anything to do with your website and its domain name?

Another way of looking at the ownership angle is that you may instead wish to become a “brand” so again, ownership of all the components of your business is a prime foundation stone.

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