Online Information Business – Be Mindful of Clarity With Each Article You Write


Each article you write must be able to communicate your information to every reader as an individual. That means it is imperative that you develop a style of writing that manages to convey your knowledge in such a way that it reaches to every segment of the audience in your niche in a way that it will be correctly understood.

A quick note about segmentation… I should advise here that isn’t to suggest you should be firing off your articles or content to all the corners of every part of your niche in the hope that something sticks; you still need to be laser focused in terms of segmentation within your niche.

My point is that there will still be people with different personalities within a tightly focused niche and the best you can do is to appeal to those people. That they all occupy that certain space within the niche – suggesting similar demographics – means that they have at least that much in common regardless of anything else, such as age or sex.

Learn to recognize ambiguity in your writing; ambiguity in your content will slow and probably stop your knowledge from creating maximum impact where it is most important. Your aim is to position yourself well in the flight path of your readers, so don’t let yourself for the sake of ambiguous meanings in your content.

The problem, to risk stating the obvious, is that you are the originator of your thoughts, and what may appear to be a well-meaning unambiguous line of thought to you, could be misunderstood by someone else. Unless you are both clearly communicating on the same wavelength, which you have to assume is not the case, you might as well be sending out code to anyone listening or reading.


Create a scenario for yourself:

With the help from your family or a friend, set a simple task and ask them to do it. But before they do it, ask them what they think you meant by what you just asked them to do. This simple exercise can often produce some interesting results. If you do it often enough, you will become familiar with how to adjust the way you provide content for others to digest, and more importantly, put into action.

Difficulties occur not only when people are convinced that the message they are giving is absolute and without ambiguity, but that they are not recognizing the fact that they might be able to better communicate their instruction. Realization of situations is a truly powerful trait and when you can adopt a sense of awareness and think “am I giving the best communication I can for this situation” you will be hands-down, in a better position than your competition.

Those who fail to respect this ability may wonder why the task they requested or issues fails to be delivered as they desired and planned.

It seems like I’ve been heavy on the instigator so far, but the responsibility is not all one sided; the listener or recipient has an equal responsibility to ask for clarity if they are unsure.

Each party should understand their own accountability for their actions.


However, subtleties on both sides are vital for efficient delivery of the task.

For people who know one another the process is easier but in the initial stages of business relationships it’s a bit like treading on egg shells, a bit touchy-feely. If the process doesn’t work it costs time, trust, business, and money.

The example I have just given is a typical manager/employee scenario, which in theory is fine. However there may be issues of fear involved with the aforementioned scenario to which you will not be party. You are building an Internet based business and I have given this example in the context it is because I think it explains the situation more vividly. You will be communicating with people you want to bring into your business via online content you’re creating verbally, with video, or in writing, but the principle of making readers understand is the same.


Clarity counts at every stage; use it in all your content.

Because I am only an email away from my prospects, subscribers, and clients, so they know they can reach me if they need to ask questions.

Now you have been made aware at least of this aspect of communication, so take it with you as you go forward developing your business and consider that you might just have an essential tool in you armory that many others do not.

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