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Have you ever thought about how comfortable your comfort zone really is?

You know, think about it, I mean really think about it…

You’re so comfortable in that zone where everything’s so familiar, so close, so understandable, so… boring!

Does that sound like where you are – in your comfort zone?

Doing or thinking about something in your comfort zone doesn’t take too much effort, and the effort it does take is probably real easy now – right?

That’s because you’re used to it, you know it, and you know what to do. Know what to but only because of its repetitive nature.

It’s a synch… you can do it in your sleep, and it leaves you free to do other things.

Here’s the thing… your comfort zone makes you bored, bored to tears, and unfulfilled – am I right?

You are someone who need stimulating in their working environment and a stimulant can manifest in many different ways:

Opportunity, development, less hours, more freedom are all things we crave, but we are locked in because of our unwillingness to make a change, or more specifically, allow something to change – because the chances are that it implies a shift away from the grips of the comfort zone, and that could take a lot of effort, and even some fear.

Are you really happy where you are right now? Are you prepared to take the necessary steps to make a change in your life?

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