Online Information Business – A Word About the Suspicions of Opt-in Pages


I’d like to give my utmost to try and help you, and will do that primarily through my article writing.

If you get some value from what you read, there’s always a chance you might be interested in finding out some more, in which case that’s a job well-done for me, and I want to make it easy for you to receive more information from me.

At the end of every article I write, I advise and suggest to you that should you be curious, you can find out a bit more of what I’ve just told you. That’s the signature or Bio part of my article, a conclusion in a manner of speaking.

“You can read more in an ebook I’ve written and access it by clicking the live URL link in my signature” is not an effort to con or bribe you – or anyone – it is an invite.

The opting-in procedure is still viewed suspiciously by many people – many people whose prospects could just be changed by using the procedure! So in this article I aim to put those fears and suspicions to rest, if you will run with me for a few minutes…

This will lead you to what is commonly known as a squeeze, landing, or opt-in page. Personally I prefer landing or opt-in, as I think “squeeze” is too hard-sell and in-your-face. However it is, historically, an “industry” standard and will remain with us as long as Internet marketers use it.

So, on my opt-in page you can read what I have and what benefit it can be for you. There’s nothing on this single page that begs you to give me your name and email, but I think it’s a fair exchange that if you wish to read more of my thoughts about the way I do things, then a couple of your details is a reasonable exchange – right?

If you decide that you’re comfortable to proceed, that’s great, but if not, that’s no problem either; it’s your call and you have to be comfortable with it.

The point of opting in is to subscribe to my email campaign, because that is the easiest way for me, in the first instance, to facilitate providing you with more of my insights. The first email you get will prompt you to confirm I’ve reached you correctly and that you’re happy with everything so far – that you’re happy to keep receiving emails from me for as long as you want to.

When you don’t, the unsubscribe link will be obvious and it is under the control of the company that runs the software through which email campaigns are run, so there no chance that I, or anyone else to whom you may be subscribed, can ignore your request; it is a fixed protocol.

I hope that what I’ve said has served to remove or address some fears that you may have had about this structure.

Opting in is not a trick to hide anything. Publishing content is one way you and I advertise our businesses online, and the opt-in part is the vehicle that facilitates taking things to the next stage, so that you and I to get to know one another and see if we share common ground in terms of your needs and what I can do to help you achieve them; simple as that.

And remember, at with every stage of my business, you have no obligation; I make clear at every stage you have the option to stop receiving information from me at any time.

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