Online Information Business – A Different Angle on How to Use “Shiny Objects”


Until recently I have followed the common observation of criticizing “bright shiny objects” and warning those who fall under their spell and “waste a ton of money investing in them.

What I have said for a long while is that for every new Internet marketing newbie or hopeful, there has to be a starting point, there cannot be many, if any, newbies who come into this business knowing exactly where they want to be ( many can assume but do they really know or understand their objective?), and one way they can find out is by investing in their IM education.

Shiny object can often provide that education, with the need to invest in high-ticket coaching or mentorship.

One thing that newbies WILL have to learn pretty quickly, is that no one get very far in ANY business, IM included, without investing; can’t be done.

SO how can shiny object be useful?

Well, they provide a host of different ways to approach earning cash on the internet. And since most newbies have no idea because they’re blinded by the amount of information they find, shiny objects can act as a starting point.

The point I’m making is that the chance of newbies knowing, understanding what skill sets they have and can make use of is, arguably, very limited.

How can anyone understand their skill set until they TRY something.

And this is where shiny objects come in.

Think about it… spend a few dollar on 10 shiny object, all teaching a few introductory tidbits about different skills:

How to write the perfect article
How to create the perfect u-tube vid
How to make FB work for you
How to make twitter work for you
How to make JVZoo work for you
How to make CB work for you
How to use forum posts
How to use article marketing
How to guest blog
How to make a cash-generating blog

Speaking from experience, I have had to experiment in every one of these areas – if only to realize, find, and understand the skill set I have, that will enable me to move forward in IM.

For example, spending $67 on a shiny object to have it make you realize that making videos on You-tube is your “thing” is not what I would call a waste of money.

Now, is there a way we can use shiny object to our advantage?

Yes, there is, but there’s a caveat too. When and only when you have built up a business from following ONE method, should you consider shiny objects as an additional or supplementary income stream.

Another thing I’ve done because I like the process; savvy marketers pick up shiny objects from time to time and then, having written out a clearly defined set of precise instructions that may include specifics on how to repurpose and market (they often have to do this to make them a good fit for the exact needs of their subscribers), outsources them… I think it’s a pretty neat idea, but you will need a decent budget; certainly something to consider for the future.

The important thing to grasp is that first you should use shiny objects as an education – to find out what you’re good at, then focus on that one thing and invest in deeper, more meaningful coaching in that one aspect.

Then as your nosiness grows and you build upon the momentum of increasing your income, then you can start to investigate a little more – be more adventurous and take a punt here and there, pick up a few “shinies” and outsource them to someone else to run and operate – on our behalf.

Using “shinies” in this context, the thing to understand is that when your business is running from solid foundations and bring in a regular income – or perhaps in excess of the, then you can allow yourself some “experimental” funding… for such things as the “shinies”.

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