Online Information Business – A Desperate Mindset Will Block Your Writing


Communicating Through Article Writing – And the Desperate Mindset.

Writing articles, content, call it what you will, is an essential part of communicating online and offline. You can probably get away with not writing content but for the power they have, I think you will just leave money on the table if you don’t get to grips with it.

The power it gives is widespread and there are many ways you can use it too. If you have got as far as to be reading this, there is no reason to doubt that you have the ability to write articles too.

Here’s the thing…

If you don’t believe you can write articles you never will. If you can’t, but believe you can, then you can, and you will.

What drove me on were thoughts about how (when I correctly positioned myself) how many people I could help. If I learned how to write articles that introduced readers to my business so that I can teach them how to communicate effectively online, I could see limitless opportunities.

The amount that is left on the table by not learning to write articles is staggering, and I keep on learning more about it every day.

The way I learned was by investing several dollars in downloadable/digital “how-to-write articles” products, and then just began learning and writing according the Author’s instructions.

I felt I was still only getting half the story though, and was always left with that common feeling “well yes, but…”

Those instructions are usually about how to formulate a template into which you can write your words, along with an example or two thrown in for good measure.

I find the problem with that approach is that they are not usually very sympathetic to those who are fearful of actually getting words typed into their word processor.

I think it is a form of writer’s block – and possibly a fear of the keyboard too.

Also, there is a deeper, more fundamental issue in my opinion.

Most of the people, like you perhaps – are here because they want or need online rewards… NOW. They are desperate for rewards… the desperate mind set

Now, these rewards may be financially or non-financially focused but either way the common denominator is that you (I’m assuming) have a deep desire, a craving, to get your business in front of people?

You want them to like what you are saying, and be interested in getting to know more about you and how you can help them… regardless of their aspirations.

This theme can be applied to any – ANY – niche, business, or market.

And everyone craves these rewards… now.


This is a mind set that needs a reset, because frankly it doesn’t get you too far; trust me I’ve tried it, and so have many more, who incidentally, decided instead to give up a few hours a week to learn the craft and went on to be very successful article writers.

This need cost very little or nothing… YouTube is crammed with tutorials!

I think writing is an essential, vital, part of communication. Online it is certainly one of the few (words, graphics, and video) media through which EVERYONE gets or passes on their information – about anything.

If you are with me so far, that’s great.

I hope you can see that I’m bringing article writing to your attention because with the exception of direct access to you it is one of the most, if not the most, powerful tool though which you can communicate in your online business.

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