Online Information Business – 6 Steps to Plan Your Business.


Why are you not getting your information across to the people you desire to reach?

The first thing you have to ask yourself is:

“Am I communicating effectively and efficiently enough for my intended purpose?”

And that usually leads to a few more questions, questions that are focused around the way your business or website is modeled:

Have you thought about the framework that will support your business? Because there are things that will occur which you know nothing about yet, but you must be prepared to deal with them as they happen.

Here are 7 things to address so that you can be confident you are doing your utmost for your online business:

1. Know your skill set and what you can give. You must give because if you don’t, you can expect nothing in return. What have you already got that you can give to those who occupy you niche – right now – what assets do you have – knowledge, know-how etc.

You have to impart what you know to those who are actively searching for your expertise.

2. When you have decided what you can give, think next about a specifically designed and tailored set of objectives, because if you don’t have any objectives, you will face something of an uphill struggle whatever else you have already got in place, or whatever you think you will be doing going forwards.

 What do you want to achieve?
 To whom do you want to provide information?
 Information about what?

The reason I’m steering out direction like this is that your base for providing an attractive and informative platform for communications will depend on giving your knowledge from a firm, carefully planned starting point.

3. When you have worked out what you have, where you’re going with it and a strategy for moving forward, you can think about how you are going to use these tools.

You need a firm, but adaptable scheme or plan. I mean firm more in the context of its execution more than in the context of not needing to alter or adjust it from time to time. You will need to make adjustments depending on the needs of your subscribers, as they will need different things from you.

4. What methods are you going to use to deploy your strategy?

This is the point at which you can decide your tactics.

What you are doing is planning a campaign. You might not get it right first time because you don’t yet know your market – not personally anyway.

That takes time

But you have to begin somewhere


To begin to know them you will have to make a (good) presence in the places where they hang out, whether those places are social media sites, blogs, or websites, is what you will have to spend some time researching. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for this because the character of every place is different and you have to become familiar with each.

You will have to learn how each one works.

They will vary from niche to niche, and even within sub-niches of main niches.

The truth… you will need to do some homework.

5. What I’ve said is all about taking action – putting your campaign into practice and just giving out your information where you can, to the most appropriate places.

Communicating effectively and efficiently in the appropriate places.

YouTube, social media, forums and websites or blogs are all good places to search and contribute.

6. Know what’s happening…

Monitor and analyze where you results are coming from and place. You can contribute in writing, video, or audio, but you will need a few hundred contributions to become visible in terms of data analysis.

My advice is to just do it –

Just begin to communicate (or carry on), and that includes the possibility that you also have some learning to do too.

That might sound tough, but right now is the best time to start; every expert starts at the beginning, and even many experienced business marketers have to start over sometimes.

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