Online Information Business – 3 Suggestions for Buying Domain Names


Online Information Business – 3 Suggestions for Buying Domain Names

It is widely acknowledge that the one of the best investments you can make in into the housing marketing (real estate in the USA).

On the Internet, an example of that is in the Online Home business marketing where owning domain names is also a prime investment.

As with houses and homes there is going to be an array of values across the board so you’re going to have to box-clever a little bit depending on your objectives for investing in a domain name in the first place. You may want to brand-build, you may want to business-build, or you may want to “domain-flip” which is basically the business of buying and selling domain names.

Let’s have a look at two or three things that are worth considering:

1. I neither want to assume you already know, or potentially skip something important if you don’t already know, so bear with me. Do you know and understand your niche – and whether or not it is viable? If not, then that’s your preliminary task! That done, it’s time for a spot of keyword research and that means choosing a strong key phrase (the chances of you getting a single keyword are at best remote, and expensive); a key phrase that comprises the words that make up your niche will be just fine, i.e. “golf tournaments” would be “”

What your research has done for you is demonstrate that you are following along the right path from the outset, because your choice of a strong KW will reflect the popularity of the online searches within your niche community; automatic targeting you could call it.

You should never be stuck for a place to register a new domain name, but the one I would recommend, and personally use is They also offer Hosting too, but I prefer (and would suggest you do to) is not to place all your eggs in one basket – so in one supply-source of your Online Information Business goes to the wall, you’re not left high and day. Anyway, back to the point… I use, and it’s just a few dollars to register a domain.

So… what should you register? A dot com if you can. In spite of an array of new extensions cropping up all the time, I think that a dot com still carries more weight than all the others. If you have the budget, the ideal thing to do is to register all of the available ones there are, which gives you some good financial clout should the situation arise whereby someone need just what you have, and then you’ll have a strong bargaining position.

If the domain you ideally want isn’t available, you can either add a relevant word at the beginning of end of your main choice, or hyphenate. What I mean is that you may find you have to play around a little to get just what you want in terms of what’s available.

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