Online Business Email Marketing – Which is the Best Day?


I have just read a question on a forum from someone who wants to know the best day to send emails.

The best day is the day that is revealed to you through your research, which means you have to test, test, test a bit more, then keep on testing.

You cannot evaluate this one until you have some results, good and bad, on which to make a judgement.

Not only will different markets/niches will respond differently, the same people in those niches will respond differently on different days, depending on their mood.

It’s not unlike trying to hit a moving target, but an evaluation of the results through your auto responder will give you sufficient information to make sensible evaluations.

And that is before considering the type of email you’re going to send; there are several types:

  • Discussion types
  • Conversational types
  • Engagement types
  • Product launch type
  • Survey
  • Informative
  • Affiliate recommendations

And are you going to load them into a pre-loaded sequence, or send them as a broadcast message?

You need to test different font styles, page layouts, and colors. Do your subscribers respond to graphics and/or video in your email? If so – how?

The dynamics of your email campaign are a complex and ever changing element of your business, and there’s no way you can rely upon any numbers until you have perhaps a few hundred subscribers and begin fielding questions and the other types of content listed above. Most auto responders cater well for analysis.

Depending on your resources, I would suggest investing in some solo advertising to get some numbers into your system. This may not prove to be as good at acquiring quality subscribers as is acquiring them organically because they will have come from someone else’s list, but somewhere like will be your best option if you decide to go down this path, and it’s certainly the quicker way if you have the budget. There are many top class marketers who fully back this method, so if you do that you can let it a solo run its course under someone else’s efforts while you concentrate on other aspects of your business – content marketing for organic subscribers, maybe.

This might seem like a lot to digest but it’s no different than any other way of marketing; each has its overwhelming array of detail. Where email marketing scored above most other is that you have a captive audience which is not distracted by a multitude of other elements like advertising, pop-ups, and so on and because of that, the relationship building process is a lot more personal and focused.

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