Why There Are no Foolproof Internet Marketing Methods for Startup Businesses


There is no foolproof way because there are too many variables, too many dynamics, too many options. You could be new to this business model, and from the number of success stories you may have read, you are you can be forgiven for thinking that there is a foolproof way…

But unfortunately that approach, that mind set, is the quickest road to setting yourself up for disappointment.

Every day there are many newcomers to the business of Internet marketing, and unfortunately many are lured by the shiny lights of quick easy money, or something close to that anyway.

I think it is important to nipping this illusion in the bud because too many lose money they don’t have by being lured into the bling that propagates all over the online marketing industry. This is not only annoying but deeply irritating as it generically tars us all with the same brush. I won’t say that’s unfair because the World is unfair. But if I can convince just one new marketer to consider what I am about to say, that is a job well done as far as I am concerned.

So what are the variables I talk about? Here are just a few of them:

Who is your market?
Where is your market?
What are the needs of your market?
How can you deliver to satisfy those needs?
What can you supply to satisfy those needs?
What are you going to do to address the moods and attitudes of your market?

And scores of other things besides.

I suggest you spend 6-12 months perusing this and similar forums, blogs, and communities that are relevant to your niche, and collect data, research, take copious notes, and so on.

A mentor will speed up the process and give you direction, but that’s up to you. Either way you will go nowhere without making an investment of time and/or money. The effort, patience, sleepless nights, frustrations, highs, lows, and amount of work required are no different from starting an off-line business. On line there is arguably more convenience as many tools are in one place.

Don’t expect to crack this nut in just a few weeks, because you won’t. You will need to continuously test everything and make adjustments as you go along; the experts become experts by diligently working on all the elements I have just outlined. If you’re one of the very small minority who hit a home-run quickly, then good luck to you, but my suggestion is that you should decide you are going to set about building and running your new business as a long-term project, and long-term projects do not bear fruit overnight.

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