My Online Information Business – Why SEO is Not My Thing


My Online Information Business – Why SEO is Not My Thing

I’m going to be upfront with you… I am no fan of SEO, and can’t be bothered to invest time learning it.

I write and create content for people to read (or listen to or watch).

It is Humans that buy my products, not the Search engines. So I build my business based on the needs of Humans.

Obviously SE’s control search engine optimization, but in my opinion, you are in business to deliver products to clients, not Google or the others SE’s.

So I set out to please clients, not Google. The caveat is that we all need to operate within Google’s rules, but do so while working for the benefit of your readers and subscribers, and build your business around providing for their needs because they, not Google, are the ones who will buy from you.

I find that the problem with serving the search engines, in other words marketing through search engine optimization is that not only are you having to make the effort to do a LOT of keyword research and everything that that implies, but there is another element to be mindful of too…

Whether or not you intend using other marketing methods (and the chaces are that you will), so you will also have to do your marketing though other channels too, using forums, directories, e-zines, blogs, social media, YouTube, and any other media where you will find the people you want to reach.

I have found that for me it has generally been a more efficient, better use of my time, to have learned how to create (write and record) content that hopefully people want to read, and submit to the places where they search for information, than get too deep into SEO.

I will usually discover what to write about because they ask questions in all those places, so I know what information to respond with… answers to their questions.

I know this might seem like an equivalent way of keyword research, but I have found it more efficient in the way I do my marketing and the people I want to reach are right there telling me what they want – in more than a few key words.

This is only my opinion of SEO in comparison with other methods, but I find keyword research rather tedious and I would rather target prospects with what they want to know than what shows up in a competitive “auction” based environment such as Google’s Adwords.

The one caveat to this is that often it can help just to get started out in identifying and verifying a niche or two. But then I’d rather go and peruse a form or directory or two and see what real people are asking.

In my opinion, as long as we keep to the rules set by search engines, rules which are derived to control Guarding against plagiarism, duplication (content repeated on same domains), but supportive of unique, fresh information that is helpful towards others

Anything else that’s not search engine optimized allows for more freedom of creativity…

– and if you are prepared to invest in having to potentially acquire new skill sets, there’s an exciting World of opportunity waiting and there’s plenty of room.

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Connecting With Your Readers – What is there online to guide bespoke home-based “infopreneurs”?

Where is the Online Help That Will Guide You With Your Online Home Business?

Trying to find information about how to succeed online can be a challenging and daunting prospect.

Not your fault… it’s mostly because you can’t see the wood for the trees. And I know because I look every day.

There is so much on so many pages, that it is no surprise to me that so many people that are looking to make something of online are beaten at the first roadblock.

And there is a difference between getting genuinely stuck, and getting fed up because you’re not becoming instantly overnight-rich.

The two concepts are very different and unrelated. Not only is it difficult to find information online, it is also difficult to know how to trust because if you are just stepping out into this business, you don’t know what do don’t know, and don’t know who you don’t know.

It is something of a catch 22.

And to be honest, there is nothing that you can do to shortcut, but to spend time online and searching, digging around to who the people are that are being listened to, and the feedback they receive.

If they receive no feedback at the point where you are reading about them, or listening to them, do a Google search… it can reveal a lot. Some marketers, like myself for example, and been quietly building up their business in spare time whilst also doing a job in the off line World. It’s a pretty good combination actually, and a safer place to be while you’re building things online.

Of course there is a lots of information from books you can buy very cheaply at Amazon and similar stores, and my advice is to invest in as many as you can and dedicate a couple of hours at least, each week to reading them; absorb all the relevant information you can – it’s a crime not to while you can get it for the cheap prices that most of them are at… don’t procrastinate though because those prices may not last forever!

So, you need information to guide you through the maze, and the best advice I can give or suggest is to get online and do a search for experts in your niche. You can do this by having a look around relevant forums – you will soon get a feel for who the respected names are, and doing Google searches.

The chances are that if you’re reading this, you are safe to search for “Internet marketing experts” because those guys and girls cover wide range of niches, but ultimately, ALL niches come under this common generic baseline.

And because Google keep changing their bloody rules!

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