Mapping and Planning Your List.


Here are 6 things you need to think about for building your lists, it should be useful for anyone who is or is thinking about having an online information business.

1. Where are you now; know what you already have

2. Know roughly what your goal is (be as discreet as you can)

3. Know how you’re going to reach you goal

4. Know the tools that’ll support you to reach your goal

5. Know what skill sets you have and where you’ll need to outsource

6. Know your numbers and where they come from

What is your situation at the moment?

Where are you now… know what you already have

First you need to take a stock check of your current situation and the tools you already have in terms of what you can do immediately to put your list into place.
I am going to take the assumption that you have a niche sorted out, and are ready to provide information for it, and to bring people into your business.

Do you have an autoresponder account yet? That is the main element of your toolkit before you do anything else.

Understand your objectives

Know roughly what your goal is (be as discreet as you can),

What message do you want to send throughout your campaign? What do the people in your niche want to know about? What expectations do they have? What do these expectations look like? These are the questions you need to ask yourself because they are fundamental to you achieving objectives… yours and theirs.

Formulate a strategy

Know how you’re going to reach you goal:

How are you going to get them to the places or positions they want to get to? It will quickly become apparent to you that there are multiple ways to reach the same place and each of the ways has its own set of variables. There is usually more than one way that someone can reach their destination and how they’re going to, with your help, get there. As you build your list the dynamics of it will change as you learn and understand more about your subscribers coming into it

You should have a tactical approach

Know and understand the tools that’ll support you to reach your goal,
Mindful of the previous point, there will be specific ways to use the tools and devices that are going to help reach their goals, and you will find you may need to investigate multiple methods and software tools that will help to formulate the way you help people achieving through your system. As your list building develops you will also realize that you need to outsource many parts of your system.

Taking action

Action… you will go nowhere without taking action. List building should comprise mainly of 4 components; general evergreen information, promotional emails, surveys, and one-to-one dialogue.

Monitoring you performance

Monitor the performance of your list on a daily basis. Only by regularly reviewing its performance will you be able to improve what you provide. How and what should you monitor and review?

Your autoresponder will show statistics of all activity in your list or lists. Also, you will get a good idea from subscriber feedback, which will come back from the surveys you should be posting; you should send email on a regular basis asking for subscriber’s feedback to the questions you should be prompting them to answer.

Knowing and understanding this information will help you to formulate and improve your information business accordingly

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