List Building and Generating Trust


List building is not about how many visitors you can get subscribed and signed-up, it is not a numbers game.

You list should be about quality.

It should be about the quality of the information you deliver and the quality of the visitors you expect to acquire.

It’s the old adage – would you rather have a list of 1000 subscribers of whom only 50 invested $10 each with you, or a list of 100, of whom 10 invested $97 each with you?

You can adjust or play around with those figures as much as you like but they make their point and I think those numbers say enough, don’t you?

I know which I’d rather aim for.

Your list is a tool that you need to sell from, so that you can make a living –so you need to be able to sell products.

Selling products required the feeling from your subscribers that you are someone they can trust. So you have to supply them with information that will generate that trust.

Here’s the thing – building a list isn’t just about building one, it is about taking care of it, servicing it, nurturing it.

Take something like a classic car. It needs looking after, cherishing, nurturing. Like a child, it needs constant attention to keep it sweet and happy. That takes hours of focused dedication.

Your list is the same; your members, subscribers need to feel loves and cherished.

When they feel this, they will warm to you, and soon respond to you too, so that when you have an offer to make them it will be a natural extension of their trust in they that they will invest in you too.

There is no one way to build a list and there will also be difference in the same niche too. You may have to trial and error with you first list because you will not have had any opportunity to get a “feel” for your subscribers.

The only way to get to know them, so that you CAN begin to building trust is by feeding them with relevant information and help, then as they gradually begin to come in and the number increase a bit, start asking them questions about what you’re delivering.

Ask questions like “what did they like best about your free download” and “what are the 3 biggest challenges that are preventing them from progressing”.

These are survey-type questions and are easy to formulate along those lines, and even the information business experts keep asking their subscribers and client the same format of questions over and over.

The answers coming through will be the best indicator for writing further information (and products) for them, that will answer their needs directly and specifically, rather than relying on the kind of “guesswork” you will have to do in your first few emails.

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